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6 Amazing Things to Experience in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia is one of the best cities to visit in the country. Before you plan a trip there, you’ll want to know the top things you can experience while there. With that said, here are the top six most amazing things to experience in Savannah.

1. Walk Along River Street

River Street is probably the most popular street in Savannah and it runs right along the Savannah River. You’ll love walking on the cobblestone streets while taking in the surrounding scenery. If you’re in the mood to eat and/or shop, then there’s no shortage of establishments you can check out. In fact, there are over 70 galleries, shops, restaurants, bars and even artists’ studios on the street.

Other attractions on the street include monuments such as the World War II Monument and the African-American Monument. Besides those, you can head to the east end of the street to view the Waving Girl Statue and the Olympic Cauldron.

2. Forsyth Park

This park is located in Savannah’s historic district and it’s one of the most popular attractions. Even the locals are very fond of the park, which features gorgeous landscapes and over 25 acres of flowers, trees and more. While at the park, make sure you pop over to the fountain, which is the highlight of the park.

There’s always something happening at Forsyth Park, so the chances are you’ll find something going on there when you visit. The park often hosts open-air concerts, and every Saturday a farmer’s market takes place. Even if there’s nothing going on, you’ll still want to experience Forsyth Park.

3. Trolley Tours Of Old Savannah

There’s nothing more Savannah than trolleys, and you can take a trolley tour of Old Savannah. A tour will include you getting off and on a trolley as it stops at various locations within the historic district. Most tours cover over a dozen squares and will stop at places such as the Mansion of Forsythe Park, Temple Mickve Israel, and the Juliette Gordon Low Home to name a few.

It’s worth noting you don’t have to get off of the trolley. If you wish, you can just sit on it and take in the surrounding buildings, attractions and so forth.

4. Riverboat Cruise

There’s a number of riverboat cruises you can take. You’ll enjoy dining on a boat while viewing the city from a different angle. Not only that, but you’ll be entertained because many of the cruises offer different forms of entertainment. If that wasn’t reason enough to do a riverboat cruise, then maybe the fact that you’ll catch a gorgeous sunset is.

5. Old Fort Jackson Historic Site

If you want to experience a piece of history, then visit the oldest standing brick fort in all of Georgia, Old Fort Jackson. The fort was built back in the early 1800s and over 45,000 visitors go to it every single year.

Old Fort Jackson is named after a governor of the state freed the city from British rule. At one point in time, the fort was one of the strongest defensive structures in the country.

Here’s a tip, after you take photos of the exterior, head inside and go to the top of it. From there, you’ll be treated to the most impressive view of the river. Depending on how long you stay for, you might have the chance to hear the cannons being shot off.

6. The Fort Pulaski National Monument

Finally, there’s the Fort Pulaski National Monument, which was also built in the 1800s. The fort is located on an island, right between Tybee Island and Savannah. After you check out the fort, you can walk along one of the many trails or head to the lighthouse. If you enjoy cycling, then feel free to go on one of the bike paths.

Sure, there are many other things you can experience while in Savannah. However, the above is what you should experience before anything else. All you have to do now is book a trip to Savannah and find out for yourself what makes great.

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