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    Aaron Hernandez, Former Patriots Tight End, Kills Himself
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    Bill O’Reilly, Famous Fox News Anchor, Fired
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4 Budget-Friendly Tips for Buying Tires Online

If you own a vehicle, there’s a chance you might need new tires at some point. Tires don’t last forever. They lose traction and become bald over time. They’re designed to go so many miles before they are no longer safe. The exact number of miles your tires will last depends on several factors. From age to how much you drive, there are many reasons you might need new tires. If you’re involved in an accident or damage your car, you might need new tires long before your tires reach their maximum mileage. 

If you’re in the market for new tires, you might want to know where to buy them. Tires are sold at automotive shops, big box stores, and even online. Depending on the kind of tire you need, you may be able to find your tires for less online than you can in the store or from a dealer. Here are a few tips you can use to find tires online at a lower price.

1- Know Your Vehicle Information 

You cannot buy new tires online without knowing what you need for your vehicle. Every vehicle is different, and that means you’re working with different sizes and special features. Additionally, there are name-brand tires, off-brand tires, and those that are designed to last longer. Start by getting the correct make, model, and year of your car. You should also know the trim. For example, if you drive a GMA Yukon, it’s helpful to know that it’s the XL Denali trim. The tires are sometimes different based on the trim level of your vehicle. Once you have this information, you’ll enter it online to search for the correct tire size. 

2- Shop Around for the Best Price 

Now that you know what size you need, you should start the process of price comparison. You’ll want to search several different online outlets. Start by calling your local tire shop or the dealership where you maintain your vehicle. Ask for a quote for new tires. 

A helpful tip is to remember you cannot buy an odd number of tires if you want to keep your car balanced and aligned. You can buy two new tires for the front or back, or you can buy four new tires for the whole car. 

Now that you have a price quote from your local dealer and automotive shops, compare those prices to what you found online. Try tire websites, major store websites, and even try looking at the sites of other local dealers who might work with your vehicle manufacturer. 

3- Compare Shipping and Tax 

Don’t assume that the lowest price you find is the lowest price around. You must check the cost of shipping, too. Sometimes the shipping to get tires to you is more than the cost of the tires depending on size and distance from your home. Once you have all the facts, then you’ll compare the total price and figure out where your tires are more affordable.

4- Remember That Time is Money 

Many people forget that time is money, and they don’t consider that aspect of price comparison. If you find tires at your local automotive shop that are a few dollars more per tire than the ones you find online, check the time aspect. Are the tires you found online available in a day or two? Are they going to require you wait a week or more to have them delivered? Sometimes, paying a little more for the convenience of having new tires right away is the better deal. The best price is the one that doesn’t cost you the time you do not have. 

Shopping for new tires is a process you might not enjoy, but it’s necessary. If you are upgrading your tires to something more low-profile, you might have the luxury of time before you need to replace your tires. If you have damage or low tread, you aren’t safe on the road driving on your current tires. Keep these things in mind when shopping for new tires. If your tires aren’t in good condition, avoid driving when possible. If you cannot avoid driving altogether, try to drive only in good weather when the roads are not wet or slick. This is an important safety precaution until your new tires arrive and are installed.

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