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6 Tips For Beginning Rugby In College

Rugby is the name of a sport that has many enthusiasts located all around the planet. If you’re thinking about extracurricular activity participation in college, then it may be a good idea to start playing rugby. Rugby can be great for more than just beefing up your college resume as well. That’s because the sport can also be terrific for enhancing your physical fitness and simply making you feel good about your mind and your body. If you want to make the most out of your rugby experience in college, these suggestions can help you in a major way.

1. Get Out There and Play

Thinking about rugby won’t do anything to enhance your skills in the sport. Getting out there and taking action, on the other hand, will. There’s no finer way to sharpen your rugby abilities than by actually playing and breaking a sweat. If you play rugby on a frequent basis, you can gain an in-depth grasp of suitable approaches. Visually assessing rugby pales in comparison to doing it by yourself. It can help to opt for scrimmages, complete games and the like.

2. Be Inquisitive

Don’t ever hesitate to be inquisitive. Curiosity can do a lot for people who are starting rugby in college. If you need information about playing approaches and concepts, you should speak with others who can assist you. It can be daunting to figure out the ins and outs of a brand new sport. The more guidance you have, the better.

3. Invest in Suitable Rugby Equipment

You can’t thrive in college rugby unless you possess suitable equipment and tools in advance. Thankfully, starting rugby doesn’t call for a commitment of a substantial sum of money at all. If you’re passionate about starting your rugby experience in college, you simply have to get your hands on an inexpensive mouth guard and cleats. Soccer cleats in most cases work like a charm.

4. Make Protective Gear a Top Priority

Staying safe is always paramount in rugby just as it is in every other sport out there, period. That’s the reason that rugby players in college should make protective gear priorities. Find out everything you can about headgear, bicep guards and jerseys that come with pads that you can easily take out. Acquiring these things may pay off in the long run.

5. Concentrate on Your Kicking Abilities

It’s critical for rugby players in college to hone their kicking abilities. Kicking is an essential talent for any and all rugby participants, plain and simple. Try to work on your kicks within a safe confined space if at all possible. Baseball cages tend to be optimal for these applications. Confined sections can save you a considerable amount of energy and time. It can be quite annoying to have to run after the ball once you complete individual kicks.

6. Realize That Rugby and Football Are Two Totally Different Sports

Some people make the mistake of thinking that rugby and football have a lot in common. The truth, however, is that they’re a couple of completely different sports. Confusing the two can only lead to problems. They share one thing in common. They’re contact sports through and through. That’s where these shared qualities end, however. If you want to soar during your college rugby experience, you need to rapidly acknowledge the fact that it’s a sport that’s distinctively its own.

Have a Lot of Fun

It’s critical to realize at the end of the day that rugby is a sport, nothing more and nothing less. If you want to shine playing rugby in college, your first aim should be to enjoy yourself. If you don’t enjoy yourself, you won’t be able to let loose enough to accomplish the things you want. You have to be able to laugh at yourself any time you make a mistake as well. Mistakes are always inevitable in rugby. They’re inevitable with all kinds of sports in general. The only thing you can do at the end of the day is try your hardest. You can soak up rugby playing approaches from people who have more experience than you as well. This can do a lot.

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