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Which Type of Safe is Right For Your Home?

Have you considered selecting a high quality home safe? Today, consumers enjoy a wide selection of well-constructed brands. Many offer fireproof and waterproof features. While the safes utilized in domestic settings typically cannot supply all of the robust security features of bank safe deposit boxes, they do frequently provide a helpful way to protect valuable property in a residence.

Choosing the best type of safe for your home typically depends upon a number of highly individual considerations. No single product suits every customer. Today, manufacturers design home safes to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of budgets. More expensive models tend to offer a superior level of protection. Yet paying close attention to certain issues proves helpful during the process of evaluating and selecting the best product for your household:

One: Do You Need a Built-in Safe or a Portable Lockbox?

In choosing home security products, give careful consideration to the type of safe. Do you require a built-in or a portable model? The former tend to furnish a higher level of protection. Yet the latter may hold advantages for households fleeing from natural disasters. Instead of emptying a home safe, an owner can simply take the entire lockbox along during an evacuation.

Choosing a built-in safe requires a homeowner to carefully match the location with unique architectural features. Many manufacturers design wall safes. However, these products may also fit inside floors or behind cabinets.

Two: How Big (And Heavy) a Safe Does Your Household Require?

The size and weight of the model you select also matters. In general, heavier safes offer added safeguards. Burglars cannot abscond with them as readily. Yet most big, heavy safes cost considerably more than lighter weight, smaller products.

The types of materials you plan to secure in a home safe impact the model selection. Large items, such as firearms and statuary, usually require more space than documents, photos, gems, or jewelry. Today, home safe manufacturers create their products in a wide array of shapes and sizes.

Three: Does Your Safe Offer Concealment Features?

While some standalone safe designers don’t contemplate concealment, others do use this security strategy. Modern manufacturers create their products in a variety of forms. Some households use strongboxes that resemble books or soda pop bottles, for instance.

Selecting a safe designed to resemble another type of object may deter some burglary attempts. Unfortunately, thieves sometimes recognize specific popular models of concealed safes. Consider researching this issue thoroughly before making a purchasing decision.

Four: What Type of Security Monitoring (If Any) Will You Provide For Your Home Safe?

It also makes sense to determine in advance whether you’d prefer a safe equipped with a monitoring device. Today, some manufacturers create safes capable of interfacing effectively with home security systems. Unauthorized access or rising temperatures trigger an alarm.

For example, some home safes offer fireproofing protection for specified temperature ranges and periods of time. A house fire may result in a residential security system contacting the fire department if temperatures reach a dangerous level. A homeowner can track the temperature inside the safe, too.

Using a Home Safe

Whether you select a heavy built-in home safe or a lightweight portable model, it remains important to learn as much as possible about your brand. Some manufacturers install strong tamper proof locks which automatically trigger whenever an unauthorized access attempt occurs. This technology may offer assistance safeguarding valuable items, yet it may also requires an owner to obtain a locksmith’s services in order to regain access to secured property.

By studying the specifications for your home safe in detail in advance of making a final purchasing decision, you’ll appreciate its design strengths and weaknesses in a variety of different possible circumstances. Selecting your home safe with care helps increase your satisfaction with this important asset. Many factors impact a home safe’s effectiveness!

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