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A Beginner’s Guide to Cigar Humidors

After spending your hard-earned money for great cigars, you need to keep them in the best condition possible. And the best way to achieve this is by storing your cigars in a cigar humidor. The container is airtight and allows your cigars to maintain moisture and avoid drying out while in storage.

The most popular type of humidor is the desktop model. It’s the most efficient and convenient to maintain. There are cabinet, portable, and walk-in humidors available. But for most cigar enthusiasts, the desktop model is sufficient.

Why Do I Need a Humidor?

Without a humidor, your cigars will dry out and lose flavor. You could toss your cigars in a drawer and leave them until you’re ready to smoke. And that might even work if you smoke your cigars within 2 to 3 days of receiving them. But the drawer is a terrible idea for long term storage.

The tobacco in most cigars originates from Central America or the Caribbean. Those humid locations are perfect for the tobacco plant. And that’s why it’s best to provide a humid environment in which to store your cigars. When you properly maintain your humidor, it keeps your cigars fresh for a long time.

Questions to Answer Before Making Your Purchase

Great, you’ve decided to purchase a humidor. But now what? How do you know what to get? Here are some questions to ask and answer before making your choice.

1. How many cigars can I put in the humidor? Cigars need room to breathe. Make sure your humidor has enough room to comfortably store however many cigars you plan to place inside.

2. Where am I going to place the humidor? As stated above, most cigar enthusiasts use a desktop humidor. But if you plan to travel or have hundreds of cigars to store, a desktop model might not fit your situation.

3. How much do I want to spend? Humidors range in price from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Generally, the larger the humidor the higher the price. The type of wood and brand of the humidor can affect the price as well.

Answering the above questions will help you choose the humidor that fits you best. But making your choice is just the first step in the process. Before using the humidor, you’ll have to prepare it for first use.

How to Prepare a Humidor

You have to season your humidor before its first use. Doing this assures that the humidor is properly prepared for storing the cigars. This is an easy process that takes only a small amount of time. And since some cigars are rather expensive, you want to make sure to correctly preserve them.

Clean the inside of the humidor with a sponge or cloth. It’s best to use distilled water. Distilled water is free of chemicals and impurities that can negatively affect the flavor of your cigars.

Follow the directions for preparing your device. Directions will vary, but in most cases, you’ll have to fill the device with a special propylene glycol solution or distilled water. You’ll then have to shut the humidor and let it sit for at least 24 hours.

After the first 24 hour period, continue following the instructions provided with your device. Not all humidors are the same. And you need to do exactly as instructed by your device’s instructions.

But no matter what type of humidor you have, never store more cigars than instructed. If the device has a 20 cigar limit, then never go over that limit. You might find it tempting to fit just a few more cigars in the box. But that will lower the quality of all the cigars you’ve stored.

Benefits of a Humidor

If you’re serious about preserving your cigars, buying a humidor is the best choice you can make. Properly storing your cigars is the only way to preserve flavor and freshness. Plus, wooden humidors add a nice design touch to any room.

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