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6 Things To Do After An Accident

An accident of any kind can be quite scary. Anyone who has been involved in any kind of accident should keep certain things in mind. It’s best to keep a cool head. It’s also a good idea to follow a few simple procedures. Doing so can help anyone protect themselves financially and legally.

Ask For Witnesses

One of the first things to do is ask if anyone saw the accident happen. Sometimes people will step up immediately. In that case, ask them for details. Get their cell phone numbers as well as testimony as to where they were when the accident and what they saw happen. A person who saw the accident may be called on to provide legal testimony in your favor going forward.

Contact Law Enforcement Officials

Under the law, accidents must be reported. A police officer can take the details of what happened and write them down. The police can also help sort out what happened during the accident. If someone is very upset in the aftermath of the accident, the police may be called upon to ensure that the people involved in the accident are fully legally protected. They can come to the scene of the accident quickly and get all the information taken down in writing by an expert from everyone who was involved in some way.

Examine Any Vehicles

All vehicles should be examined in great detail in order to ensure there are no damages. If something is seen, it should be documented in great detail. Now is the time to have a close look at any area and make sure there are no problems with it. If there are any issues seen, the person should ensure they are fully documented in every way. Bring out the camera and take very detailed pictures. The idea is to be able to show what happened to the car and the aftermath on the vehicle. Good pictures ensure the person has what they need in order to fully work with their insurance to get the damage fixed.

Exchange Insurance Information

Car insurance is a must in every single state. Everyone needs to have insurance when they are behind the wheel. Each person should carry insurance with them when they are in the vehicle. Once there’s an accident, everyone involved should be ready with the insurance card. Each person should take copies of the insurance card. A cell phone picture can ensure that everyone has the information they need in order to file a claim properly. Now is also the time to see that the information on the card is correct.

Medical Issues

After an accident, there may be someone on-site in need of medical attention. If someone knows how to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation or (CPR), this is a good time to get it done. All those who have been in a car crash should also be examined in order to see they are feeling okay. Any medical issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Ask bystanders if they can call for medical attention.

Take Lots of Pictures

Pictures are one of the single most important things people can do when they are in an accident. If someone does not have a camera, consider asking people in the area if they have access to one. The pictures should include all areas of the accident. This should include the interior and the exterior of the car in great detail. It should also include pictures of any injuries the person or anyone involved has suffered during the issue. A picture of a bleeding arm or a bruised face can help establish exactly what happened and why. The entire area should be walked if possible. For example, if the accident took place on the road, track marks may be visible. They should be photographed after the accident.

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