5 Places to Use Bumper Stickers (Besides Cars)

Bumper stickers are a great way to express your political views, share your achievements or simply make someone laugh or smile. Many people choose to display them on their car bumpers, but there are plenty of other ways to share your thoughts without marking up your car. Some people prefer not to put bumper stickers on their car because they could damage the paint over time and decrease the resale value of the car. In addition, some people find that bumper stickers on a car can be distracting to other drivers. The good news is that you do not necessarily have to find a space on your car for a bumper sticker to join in on all the fun. If you are looking for a fun way to express yourself, try out some of these ideas for showing off your favorite bumper stickers.

On Your Laptop

Many people tout their laptops around everywhere these days. Sticking your bumper sticker to the back of a laptop is a prominent way to make your views known. It can even be a great opening to start up a conversation with someone as you are typing in a Starbucks. You can even cut down parts of the bumper sticker so that you have more room to display as many of them as you would like.

On a Cooler

Bumper stickers are a fun way to spice up an ordinary cooler and personalized your stuff. There is tons of surface area for you to decorate with your favorite bumper stickers and make a statement everywhere you go. You can keep adding to your collection until you run out of space and move on to the next fun surface to decorate with awesome bumper stickers.

On Your Refrigerator

Just because bumper stickers are adhesive does not necessarily mean that you have to permanently place them anywhere. You can pair up your favorite bumper stickers with fun magnets to cover your fridge with creative sayings and logos. This gives you the freedom to swap out stickers whenever you get the urge and means that you will not be stuck cleaning up an adhesive mess whenever you want to change things up. You can work your way around to the sides of the fridge if you run out of room on the front door for stickers.

At Your Office

Push pins make a great way to hang bumper stickers up at the office for everyone in your workplace to enjoy. Just make sure that you are not bringing anything that is offensive or not allowed at your place of work. You have the option to change out bumper stickers and keep things fresh by using push pins instead of sticking them to a wall more permanently.

On a Bike Helmet

If you ride a bike or motorcycle, your helmet will definitely get noticed with a cool bumper sticker displayed on it. You can stick it across the back of the helmet to display it most prominently. As long as you make sure that the surface of the helmet is completely clean, the bumper sticker should have no problem sticking to it in all kinds of weather. You will not have a lot of room to place a bunch of bumper stickers on your helmet, so you may end up placing them over top of each other when you are ready for a change of scenery.

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