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Are you an up and coming freelance writer? Are you someone who loves to get their point of view across to as many people as possible? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, we believe you are someone who should be writing for our publication. We are always on the lookout for new freelancers to join our platform, for two reasons. The first reason is to increase the volume of articles we can get to our readers on a weekly basis, and the other reason is so we can have greater diversity of opinions and insight within our magazine.

We believe that the most important aspect of news is being able to get multiple points of view across in an articulate and elegant manner. Our readers come from around the world, and they all have their unique perspective as they read up on the latest news stories and opinion pieces. And that is why we want our freelance writers to showcase similar diversity, whether it is by hiring people of different races, ethnicities, ages and cultural backgrounds. We want every viewpoint to get a chance within our magazine, and we hope that you are someone who could contribute towards that.

If you believe that you can offer something different to our magazine, we hope that you will get the ball rolling in the coming days. You have a few options. You may send us a set of articles you have published in the past, whether they were for a newspaper, magazine, online news site or your blog. The source does not matter, as much as the content of the pieces. If you have never written for an organization, but you believe you are a good writer, come up with a piece or two and send them our way.

One of our editors will assess your work and decide about whether you are fit for our publication. In some cases, we may find that your work has promise, but we are unsure about whether you are the right fit. In these cases, we may do a test article with you, where we give you a topic and a deadline, and request that you get in a piece to us within that timeline. If we like the work you do, we will publish the article and hire you. If we do not like the piece, you retain the rights and we will not publish it.

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