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Which Dog Breeds are the Best Swimmers

Becoming an expert at something often involves years of practice and dedication to trial and error. Thankfully, animals are often gifted with certain abilities that require little teaching to emit. Dogs are known for having some of the best endearment performances, drawing a true connection with their owner. These performances, when partnered with cute looks and funny behaviors, is what makes reference to these animals as man’s best friend. Some dogs are gifted with additional talents, often relating to a specific breed. Some breeds excel in showmanship, being groomed as show dogs. Others do well with their sense of smell, finding themselves as premiere members of a K-9 unit. One of the best discoveries is locating the breed of dog that can keep their heads above water and paws moving in a swimming pool. Below is a brief look at some of the top dog breeds that are known for their ability to tread water.

American Water Spaniel

Well, the performance is built-in to the namesake with this retriever breed. The water spaniel is one of the more rare breeds that we don’t hear from often. Most of the breeding is sourced to Midwestern regions, calling Wisconsin home. This retrieval breed has been known to be a great hunting companion, especially where water is involved. This brand is packed with energy, bringing enough leg churns to combat any water habitats. Due to the eagerness of the breed, this dog is able to keep all parts moving, combating mucky waters or debris-filled bodies of water.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Keeping with the theme, this breed was founded in Virginia. The haircut and styling of the fur coat is crucial to this breed’s success in the waterways. It is a little oily to the touch, proofing it against water and increasing the resistance of the skin. Keeping this dog well groomed is something that keeps them aerodynamic in the water. This level of aerodynamics is closely associated to the terms we use when we see swimmers shave their hair off their bodies. For the lover of the outdoors, the Chesapeake Bay retriever thrives in a colder environment. Always moving and full of energy, this is a breed that won’t let you down when out in the wild.

The Poodle

Despite its dashing looks and personal upkeep, the poodle is another to add to the list of strong swimmers. While this breed doesn’t hold the same namesake as the other mentions, its name is derived from a meaning “to splash” in German terminology. While a swim takes a little more effort than a splash, this breed has a coat that is beneficial to increased range of motion in the water. The hair design also increases buoyancy when attempting to tread water. Add this one to the list of inclusions while also taking some surprise into consideration as this pretty breed would be assumed to be land-driven.

The Newfoundland

The size of this breed is often taken aback when hearing that they make for excellent swimmers. Hailing from regions within British siege, this breed was known for its performance by both land and see. There was a time when this breed was marked as a primary source for assisting lifeguards and coastal guards. This breed has a thick fur that reduces the abrasion to the skin, helping it stand up to those rough waterways. While weight may seem like an issue, the size does little to impact the underwater effectiveness of this breed. Considered by many as one of the top rescue dogs, it is no wonder that this breed makes our list as one of the top swimming dogs.


There are many different mentions that could be added to this list, as dogs are one of the top swimmers when compared to other animal types. Most will splash around a bit, but few will actually take the dive off of the deep end to tread water. These mentioned breeds are some of the top crafted swimmers within the many families of breeds we see today. Other successful breeds continue to increase and reshape the way our dogs learn new techniques and become more capable of skills they might have lacked in the past history of breed.

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