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The Importance of Digital Marketing

Wall digital marketing may seem like a new bell or whistle to some, the importance of having a strong digital marketing strategy cannot be denied.

Digital marketing has become so influential in the last decade that it has become a topic that is crossing political lines while still being a strong profitable tool for businesses to reach new customers.

Here are three reasons why digital marketing is so important. 

Digital Marketing Creates Influence

An age where influence has become one of the best ways to sell a product or service, it’s important for businesses of all sizes to create a presence within their market that allows them to stand out and have the ability to shift the behavior of their consumers and move them to buy from them or work with them.

Digital marketing creates that type of influence for businesses of any size, but especially small businesses and startups who are looking to compete in competitive industries. When you create a strong digital marketing strategy, you give your business the ability to play at a level that is independent of your budget or personal proficiency.

Digital Marketing Brings You Customers

As you build your business, one of the largest markers of success is the ability to bring in new customers to your business and keep the ones that you have so that they become repeat customers over time.

By utilizing digital marketing tools to do so, you enable your business to continue to be profitable and add to your bottom line. There are many digital marketing resources that you can use that are free or low-cost that will help you engage customers and keep your business top of mine for them once they are ready to buy. 

Consider resources and tools that automate the process of bringing your customers to you and engaging them through creative and persuasive content and product specials that they can sign up for.

If you’re not sure where to start with automating the process of bringing your customers to you, consider tools that help you automate your digital marketing process by doing the following:

• Create a warm market by adding people to your email list ( think ConvertKit, ClickFunnels, or Infusionsoft).
• Allow your potential customers to hear your message and connect with you ( think Buffer, Planoly, or Later).
• Lets your ideal customer buy a product or service from you right away and gives them the content or product instantly ( think Teachable, Etsy for digital products, or Kajabi).

All of these are resources that you can use that are low-cost or have very low entry pricing plans that can create a big impact on your digital marketing strategy. 
One of the best features for these is the fact that you can utilize their automation abilities and save time by creating your digital marketing strategy first and then automating it for the next quarter and beyond.

Digital Marketing Is (Mostly) Free

As mentioned with the automation tools above, many aspects of digital marketing is free to the business or user who is looking to promote what they do by using these strategies.

Of course, not all of these tools are free, but many of them are and using them to your advantage will help your business increase its success and financial profitability. The important thing to know in using these low or no-cost marketing opportunities is planning from the beginning how to best maximize their capability.

For example, with social media, you can sign up and create profiles on Facebook and Instagram and reach your specific tribe within their 5.23 billion users. The key for both platforms is creating engaging content that users respond to and understanding the algorithm so that the information that you post is showing up in users feeds who are interested in what you offer.

You can easily create your own plan for effective content and promoting on both platforms is free to sign up and free to post. This is one of the most significant ways that digital marketing can benefit your business.

If you haven’t thought of how digital marketing can be effective for your business, now is a good time to consider all of the ways in which digital marketing is important to your business. Whether you’re looking to get new customers or stay engaged with the clients you already have, digital marketing can help your business have a strong bottom line that continues to grow toward financial success.

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