The Best Type of Gifts to Give Your Retiring Employees

Older adults are retiring in droves, and this is a monumental event that should be celebrated. Many offices will host retirement parties and chip in to buy the guest of honor a special gift. However, selecting a thoughtful and appropriate gift for the individual can be challenging. If you are shopping for a great retirement gift for an employee in your office, consider how some of these thoughtful ideas may be appreciated by the recipient and may be well-suited for the event.

A Gift Reflecting Years of Service

When an employee has devoted many long years or decades of his or her life working for your company, it is appropriate to honor those years of service in some way. For example, hosting a reception and honoring the individual with an engraved plaque is a great idea. You can also add to that gift with an engraved pen, watch or other item. “When engraving an item, choose a special message that carries significance for the person,” said EDCO. For example, a quote about enjoying life to the fullest may be a great idea. This should be a valuable item, but it should have meaning through the transcription as well. A watch reflecting the value of time spent within the company is a thoughtful example to consider.

Presents That Are Suited for Retirement Plans

When a person prepares to retire, he or she may commonly talk about retirement plans for months or even years leading up to the big event. You and others in the office may be well-aware of the individual’s plan to travel extensively, to golf, to start a garden or to do something else frequently in retirement. Pay close attention to these plans for ideas about related gifts that you can provide. For example, if the individual mentions that he or she needs to invest in a new suitcase before traveling, you can easily purchase a new luggage set for him or her.

Gifts Centered Around Hobbies and Interests

While some people have major retirement plans, others may be passionate about different hobbies or interests. For example, some people may collect trinkets or nick knacks, and others may have a passion for the environment. Selecting retirement gifts that are personalized around these or other related hobbies and interests is a great idea that adds a customized touch to the gift. This makes the gift more thoughtful and meaningful.

A Financial Gift

Finances are a concern for most people who retire. Many worry about how they will pay for health insurance, the possibility of running out of money and more. If your company has deep coffers and if the individual has been with the company for many years, a financial gift may be in order. For example, giving the individual 100 shares of company stock as a bonus or offering to keep the individual on the company’s health insurance plan for the next year are two great ideas that will be well-received by the recipient.

A Last Hoorah

Regardless of the gift idea that you decide to proceed with, it is important that you make the send-off a major affair. This tells all of the employees remaining in the firm how much you appreciate the many years of devotion and hard work that your team puts into the company, and it can play a major role in employee retention and in overall morale. A dinner party or a special lunch at the individual’s favorite restaurant are in order when someone who has been with the company for several years or more is retiring. At this event, the guest of honor can receive and open the gift that you or the entire office has selected.

It can be a true loss for the company when an established member of your team retires. However, this marks a new chapter in this person’s life and the closing of the current chapter. During this time, a retirement gift extends gratitude for years of devotion and service, and it also makes a bold statement about how significantly you value your team. If you have been looking for an exceptional retirement gift idea for someone in your office, consider how each of these ideas may work well based on the specific factors you are working with.

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