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The Benefits of Online Homework Portals for Students

Today, students live and study in a world guided by technology. Students no longer use print or paper copies of agendas, homework folders, post-it notes, or really any paper tools to organize their learning. As a result of the move to planning and engaging students with technology, schools and teachers are getting on board with better ways to connect with their students. Online homework portals for students allow teachers to engage students by motivating them, helping them to organize their learning through the use of tools, calendars and reminders, and communicating with them through relevant technologies. It is helpful to understand the full range of benefits provided by online homework portals to appreciate how they support student learning and success.

Online homework portals are one tool that help teachers access student motivations, relevant planning and organizational tools, and communicate in effective and real-time ways with their students. Teachers are a fundamental part of the online learning portal and can post announcements, individual messages and posts, and instructional videos. There are a variety of online homework portals for students, and the research is clear on them. They work.

Student engagement through empowerment and demonstration of care

Recent research on online gamification homework portals (Butler and Bodnar, 2017) show that there was a positive correlation between students’ perceptions of empowerment as students and that the educators cared about the success of students. This goes a long way in engagement of students.

Parental involvement and access to student work

Parents have access to a range of tools in online homework portals. Tools include links to the course objectives and syllabus, homework assignments and descriptions, rubrics, assessments, and grades. There is often a built-in communication tool for the teacher, parent and student to communicate about coursework as well. This gives parents quick access to student work. Parents can monitor student progress on a daily and weekly basis. This gives parents the tools they need to support students at home and provide interventions and additional support or tutoring when needed.

Organizational tools to support students

With students being more and more reliant on technology, they have moved away from organizing and planning their educational experience through print agendas, calendars and other planning tools. They rely heavily on the tools available to them through technology, and the online homework portals have been designed with this in mind.

So what tools help organize students? Once logged in, students can find announcements with current homework and news. There is a calendar organized visually with assignment names and deadlines. In addition, students are able to access a list of assignments, what they need to work on now, along with teacher notes, and PowerPoints or short video demonstrations of the content to be addressed in the assignment. There is also a homework submission tool within the online homework portal so that the assignment can be uploaded and submitted online. There is an automatic timestamp so that student work is dated once it is submitted. This cuts down on lost homework.

Teachers are able to score student work, provide feedback and offer students the opportunity to revise and resubmit assignments or assessments within the online homework portal. This is a great organizational tool for everyone. Everything is stored in one central location. There is no need to dig through folders, emails or hard-drives to find copies of assignments to submit or revise.

Technological support is available for parents and students

If there are any technological issues that a student faces, there is technology support available to any enrolled student and parent. This is a huge help for everyone as they are learning to navigate the tools available as well.

Online homework portals are becoming common place in today’s educational world, from the youngest students at pre-K to the adult learner at the university or the workplace. These online homework portals harness the power of technology at its best-to help organize, create efficiency and make our lives easier without taking out the human component.

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