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Nonprofits: How To Better Communicate With Donors

When it comes to nonprofit organizations, there are no more important people than donors. Relying on their funds to provide necessary services to a variety of people, nonprofits realize they always need to communicate with donors on a regular basis in order to keep the funds coming in each year. However, many nonprofits fail to do so, which can severely impact their budget and the services they are able to provide to those who need them most. Because of this, more and more nonprofit organizations are turning their attention to working more closely with donors, which over the long run can keep donors interested in their organization and continuing to provide much-needed financial support. To learn how to better communicate with donors, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

Pay Attention to Media Types

Because the methods of communication have changed drastically due to social media and other types of media, it’s crucial for nonprofit organizations to pay attention to the best types of media they should use to communicate with donors. For example, if the organization is attempting to reach donors who are younger, using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram may be their best option. However, if they are trying to reach older donors who may not be as computer-savvy, a traditional newsletter sent through the mail may be a better option. By carefully considering their intended audience, nonprofits have a much better chance of reaching those whose funds they need most of all.

Keep Your Donors Informed

To keep donors interested in your organization, always keep them up-to-date on various things. For example, if your nonprofit wins an award or is recognized in some other way, be sure to let your donors know. By doing so, they will know their money is being put to good use, which gives them the incentive to give even more. And along with this, when your group is planning a special event, always be sure to let your donors know this as well. By making them feel more like a part of the group, these events will give them the chance to learn more about the group and the people who run the organization, which always results in increased donations.

Acknowledge Donations

Along with being courteous, acknowledging donations as quickly as possible can let donors know you truly appreciate their efforts. While most nonprofits use a standard form letter or email to thank donors who contribute smaller amounts, it’s usually best to write a personal letter to donors who contribute large amounts. And along with thanking them in the letter, also try to include an invitation to an upcoming event or special occasion. By doing so, this lets them know how special you think they are, and how much you appreciate their donation. And as a final touch, make sure letters to large donors are always signed by your organization’s executive director.

Create Opportunities to Meet Donors

Whether your nonprofit is large or small, always try to create opportunities for you and donors to get face-to-face as much as possible. By doing so, you can have many additional chances to talk up your organization, and also let donors see exactly how much effort it takes to deliver the organization’s services to those in need. By letting donors feel as if they are getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how your organization works, they will feel more like a part of the organization. When this occurs, chances are quite good they will be more motivated to donate funds on a regular basis, helping your nonprofit fulfill its mission more and more.

By keeping the following tips in mind when it comes to fundraising, your organization should find itself receiving more and more funds that will allow it to help more people, provide additional resources, and start new and innovative programs. From keeping donors up-to-date on the latest award your group has received to sending a personal letter thanking them for their donation, making the extra effort now and then will pay off in the years ahead.

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