How to Throw a Great Wedding Afterparty

After the wedding and the reception are over, everyone might not be ready to call it a night just yet. If you want to be able to keep the party going so that everyone can have a good time, then you could be hoping to plan an afterparty.

Use the Honeymoon as a Theme Idea

After the wedding, you might not want to go with the same theme for the afterparty. If you would like some inspiration for decor and for the afterparty in general, consider choosing a theme that is related to the honeymoon destination. For example, if you are planning on heading to Hawaii for your honeymoon, you can throw a luau party as your afterparty. This can keep everything wedding-related but can allow you to switch things up from your wedding theme.

Make it a More Casual Affair

Even though many people don’t mind dressing up for a wedding and might even enjoy it, everyone might be ready for things to be a little more casual after attending a formal wedding and reception. Therefore, you might want to make the afterparty a little more casual so that everyone can relax and unwind after a long yet fun day. For example, the bride might choose to change into a more casual dress, and the guys might want to take off their ties and suit jackets.

Offer Light Snacks

Depending on what was served at the wedding, all of the attendees might have already had a heavy meal. However, this does not mean that people might not get a little bit hungry as the night goes on. A good way to keep things stress-free while still making sure that everyone is satisfied is by offering light snacks like fruit or vegetable trays, small slider sandwiches, popcorn and other relatively light fare.

Make Sure There are Plenty of Drinks

After a long day and after plenty of dancing at the reception and the afterparty, all of the guests will probably be really thirsty. Therefore, you will want to make sure that there is no shortage of drinks for everyone.

Of course, to keep everyone well-hydrated, you will probably want to have plenty of water on hand. You can serve it in large pitchers with cups that people can refill themselves, or you can offer water bottles as a convenient and still relatively affordable option. You may also want to offer soda and juice as options to those who would prefer to drink something other than water.

If you are going to be serving alcohol at the afterparty, you will definitely want to make sure that you have enough of it. After all, you don’t want to run out of drinks right when everyone is having a good time. To keep costs down, you can stick to beer or wine instead of offering liquor. Consider offering a few different options; then, there will be something for everyone who wants to indulge.

Provide Transportation

Some of your guests who are traveling from the reception to the afterparty might need a ride for a few reasons. They might have flown in from out of town, for example, or they might have had a few drinks at the wedding. Consider arranging for some sort of safe and reliable transportation for everyone so that all of the guests who want to attend the afterparty will be able to attend and will be able to get there safely.

Even though the wedding and the reception might be a lot of fun, that does not mean that you can’t plan a great wedding afterparty that people will remember for a long time to come. If you follow these tips and put some time and effort, you can help ensure that the night is ended on the perfect note.

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