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How To Spruce Up Your Backyard Space In 4 Steps

For many homeowners, their backyard starts out as nothing more than an expanse of grass to mow, a few trees and bushes, and perhaps an old patio or deck that has seen better days. Even yards with professional landscaping can use some help to give everything a fresh and new look and feel. Whether you want to build a backyard oasis with plenty of privacy or a party spot for neighborhood gatherings, there are a few quick, easy, and affordable ways to spruce up your backyard next weekend.

Add Color With Container Gardens

Many backyards have empty spaces or boring edges with nothing in them to entice people to stop and enjoy. Maybe your gardens are tired with nothing blooming or spaces left by dying plants. Colorful container gardens are not just for patios and porches. Add a bucket of begonias near a tree or a tub full of marigolds near the vegetable patch. Not only can bright annual flowers and foliage plants add interest, but decorated or uniquely-shaped containers can too.

Consider Color and Movement

Spruce up your backyard with accent decor, art pieces, and especially moving objects to give it a fresh look. This includes everything from a sturdy outdoor rug on the patio to a windchime hanging from a tree to a bright flag flapping in the breeze. Even in a beautiful garden, the addition of a piece of art or decor boosts the level of interest and enjoyment visitors experience.

Adding color to a backyard space creates the opportunity to enjoy the yard for longer in the season. Flowers fade and even the green of trees and bushes disappears in the autumn. Painted pots can still look pretty when empty, and a brightly-colored umbrella adds a splash of energy to a patio.

Clean and Power Wash Everything Possible

While cleaning things thoroughly might not be much fun and isn’t very creative, it is a great way to make the whole backyard look better. Trim back trees and shrubs appropriately. Get rid of all the weeds. Repaint wooden furniture or accent pieces like birdhouses and signs.

Consider a power washing company or do it yourself if you have the confidence and equipment. You can give new life to the house itself, cement or brick patios, wooden or composite decks, and other materials. Not only will everything look fresh and inviting, this will also prolong the life of your yard’s hardscaping.

Provide Inviting Seating Options

You want your backyard to look beautiful and neat from the window or porch, but creating a space people want to explore and experience is ideal. If your patio or deck holds only an old set of faded wood or wobbly resin furniture, it might be time to update to something new. To keep expenses down, consider at least putting new all-weather cushions on existing seating and purchasing a new sun umbrella to complement them.

In a larger backyard or one with points of interest like fire pits, backyard ponds, or even lovely garden beds, add in more seating options nearby. Something as simple as a wooden bench or a few flat-topped stumps can offer a spot to settle down and enjoy the rest of the yard. This not only looks good from a distance, it extends your living space into the great outdoors.

While these are not the only ways you can improve your backyard living space, they are a great start for creating the yard, gardens, and gathering spot you crave. A green lawn is great, but it fails to deliver when it comes to privacy, party-time, or simply a great view out the kitchen window. With a few changes, you can spruce up your backyard and enjoy it more than ever before.

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