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How to Properly Iron Clothes

Are you looking into how to iron your clothes the right way? Good news. You’ve landed in the right spot.

The blunt force truth is that the vast majority of us don’t enjoy ironing. Most people avoid it at all costs. However, avoiding clothes ironing often comes from the simple fact that people don’t know how to do it properly. When you learn how to do it the right way, it’ll make the process much easier.

Let’s take a look.

Starting Out

Before you start, plug the iron in and adjust it to the desired setting. Let it sit for a while so it can preheat. You’ll know it’s ready when it sizzles when you apply a bit of water.

Next, find the tag on the piece of clothing you’re going to iron. It’ll give you all the information about the garment’s material. You’ll notice that some clothes specifically state that they shouldn’t be ironed.

Others have a low heat tolerance. You’ll want to iron those on the gentle setting.

For linens and cotton, use high heat. Wool mixed with cotton should be set at medium heat. For nylon, silk, polyester or other similar fabrics, set your iron to low. If you’ve got a steam iron, ensure that there’s the right amount of water in the container.

Let the Ironing Begin

When it’s time to get started, make sure your garment is fully stretched across the board. This will save you a lot of time in the long run. If the garment isn’t stretched, you’ll end up re-ironing wrinkles that you put in during the process.

Use smooth, deliberate strokes while you’re ironing. Always keep the iron in motion to avoid potential burns to the clothing.

Ironing a Shirt

Start with the collar. Stretch the back across the board’s surface. Run your iron over the back several times to get a nice press. Then turn it over and do the front of the collar.

Next, we’ll do the sleeves. Do the back of the sleeves, then the front. Stretch the larger parts of the sleeve across the board’s point. Iron around the back, then move toward the front until you’ve done the sleeve’s circumference.

Then you’ll want to stretch the sleeve’s lower back across the large surface of the board. Iron directly toward the sleeve’s cuffs. Flip over and iron the front using short, careful strokes.

For the remainder of the shirt, lay it flat on the board. Work from one side to the other while you slowly smooth out all spots that are wrinkled. When you’re done, immediately hang the shirt and button the center and top buttons.

Ironing Pants

To properly iron pants, the first thing you want to do is turn them inside out. Start with the top of the pants and iron the circumference of the pant’s waistband. Then move toward the pants pockets.

Make sure you iron on both sides of each pocket. Then move on to the fly, the pant seams and the hems. You’ll want to stick to that exact order every time while using quick, smooth strokes.

After this, reverse the pants so the correct side is now facing out. Use the arrow-shaped edge of your ironing board to hook the waistline.

Press out the wrinkles that are in the top front of the pants. Then put your pants completely parallel to your ironing board, with both headed in the same direction. Iron each one of the legs. Just make sure you don’t damage existing creases.

Lastly, simply iron the pant cuffs and hang them up. You’re done!

Not As Bad As You Thought?

Often, even the tasks we dread the most aren’t so bad once we know how to do them the right way. Ironing clothes is no exception to this rule.

Why not break out the iron and practice on a few garments now? You’ll soon be an ironing expert.

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