How to Pick the Perfect Floral Arrangement

There are many situations in which giving a floral arrangement is a good idea. You could be hoping to surprise a family member, or you might want to give your partner something to show him or her that you care. Regardless of why you are planning on picking up flowers for someone — or even for yourself and your own home — there are a few tips that you can follow so that you can choose the perfect arrangement.

Think About the Season

First of all, you may want to think about the season. Then, you can look for seasonal flowers that will be fresh and beautiful. For example, during the summer, a nice bouquet that is made with sunflowers can be a wonderful choice. During the fall, chrysanthemums are a nice, classic choice. In the winter, you might want to gift something like a Christmas cactus or a poinsettia to spread a little bit of seasonal cheer to your flower arrangement recipient.

Think Outside the Box

Even if you have a certain type of floral arrangement in mind, you may want to think outside of the box a little bit. For example, roses are the classic choice for giving to a lover, but giving him or her a bouquet of his or her favorite flowers might be a better choice. If you are willing to get something a little bit “different” than what you might normally purchase for a certain person or occasion, you can help ensure that your bouquet really stands out as being different and unique.

Consider the Color Scheme

Picking the right color scheme can really make a difference when you are buying a floral arrangement. For example, if you are buying a floral arrangement for decorative purposes at a party, then you may want to consider the color scheme that is being used for the other decorations so that you can choose flowers that match. If you are buying flowers for a friend, family member or someone who you are in a romantic relationship with, you may want to consider choosing a bouquet that implements all of his or her favorite colors.

Determine What Type of Feeling You’d Like to Convey

Flowers can be used to show all types of emotions and to share these emotions with others. If you are buying something for a romantic love interest, you may want to choose a floral arrangement that has a romantic look. If you are buying something for a birthday, you may want to look for a nice, cheerful bouquet. If you are unsure of how to really pick a bouquet based off of the occasion and mood, consider talking to a florist about what you are trying to achieve. He or she should be able to provide you with some great suggestions and may be able to make a custom bouquet for you that fits your needs and purposes perfectly.

Make Sure It’s Fresh

Few things can be less depressing than a beautiful bouquet that has turned brown. You probably do not want this to happen anytime soon with the bouquet that you choose, so make sure that you go to a florist who offers fresh, beautiful flowers. Pick the freshest bouquet that you can; then, not only can you ensure that it looks its best right now, but you can ensure that it will look good for longer as well. This is particularly true if you or the recipient make a point to trim off the ends of the stems, add plenty of water and give a little bit of plant food to help keep the bouquet in top-notch shape for as long as possible.

Regardless of why you are buying a floral arrangement for someone, you probably want to make sure that you choose the right one. Even if you are just buying a floral arrangement for yourself, then you probably want to ensure that you choose one that will look beautiful in your home. Luckily, if you follow these tips and choose the right florist, you can help ensure that you — and your recipient — are satisfied with the arrangement that you choose.

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