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How to Make the Most Out of Your College Experience

College is often a wonderful time to discover yourself and learn more about the things that make you feel passionate. However, it can also be a time to experiment and ultimately fall astray from things you care about.

Wanting to have fun and learn more about yourself are great goals, but can be hard to balance when you’re also trying to get the most out of your education. At the same time, it can also be counter intuitive to bury your face in the books and never have a social life.

These dynamics aren’t unique to college, though—you’ll find that life outside of college is just as strenuous and requires the same amounts of careful balance and self awareness. College provides you a good training ground to begin exploring this type of lifestyle, so it’s important to get the most out of your college experience.

To help you with these decisions, we’ve made a list of 5 things you should do to make the most out of your college experience:

Use Office Hours Wisely

Many students will not realize that they are failing until deep into the semester, after which it is usually too late to bounce back to an A. Keeping track your professor’s office hours early on in the semester allows you to ask for help at any time. Remember, your professors are there to help you, so embrace that dynamic by reaching out for help before it is too late.

Find A Quiet Place To Study

When exam periods come around, campuses usually become infiltrated by thousands of students with their faces in their books, studying for incoming exams. Typically people will camp out at places such as the campus library or various common areas to be stationed in a place that is usually quiet, but this means the same places also become very crowded and potentially distracting. To make sure you have the best place to study, it’s recommended to find a nice place on or near campus where you can go at any time to study and escape the noise. This can be a comfortable bench on campus, a nearby coffee shop, or the basement of a building—you’d be surprised as to where you’ll be able to take a break from the busy college lifestyle!

Keep Track Of Your Credits And Requirements

Many students go through their majors thinking that somebody will let them know if they’re not hitting all the requirements, but oftentimes it’s not that simple. Whether or not there is somebody keeping track of your credits depends on the school and the major, so be sure to check in frequently to keep on track to graduating within your desired time period. You certainly don’t want to be the person who has to take an extra semester to fill one credit. Be organized, talk to your counselor, and you will be rewarded!

Exercise And Stay Healthy

In college, it can be easy to not exercise and ignore a healthy diet—parties are very accessible, it’s so easy to eat fast food, and sometimes the cafeteria options are not the best. However, you can combat this by setting up dietary and exercise-related goals to adhere to. This will be an incredible help, as it’s usually very easy to underestimate the importance of physical health when you’re trying to stay mentally focused; your physical health greatly influences your mental capacity, so keeping on top of both will ensure your success. Nobody will be badgering you to stay fit, but there will likely be plenty of nearby facilities to help you do so. Many schools have healthy options within their cafeterias, and others have on-campus gyms or nearby gyms that have wonderful student discounts. Be familiar with the area so you can stay healthy for when the late night studying kicks in!

Befriend Your Professors

It may seem like there is a barrier between you and your professors, but in reality they are people too and enjoy meeting others passionate about the same things they are. This will prove to be a great asset and we highly encourage you maintaining an open dialogue with your professors, as they will likely be able to help you during and after college!

Need more tips? Check out these great lists from the Huffington Post and HomeRoom for more ways to make sure your college experience is memorable.

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