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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Electronic Items

Unwanted electronics take up valuable space in our homes, yet clutter is well-known to those unsure of what to do with these items. Tossing electronics into the trash is a bad idea. Our landfills contain more than 42 billion pounds of electronics, which leak cancer-causing dioxide into the air and cause a plethora of other potential risks to our health and well-being. Besides, why toss out a perfectly good electronic item? Reduce worry and clutter by choosing one of the disposal ideas below for your unwanted electronic items. These ideas are only a handful of the many ways to dispose of unwanted electronic items sitting around the home.

Recycle It

E-waste recyclers dispose of electronics that are harmful to toss into the trash and into the landfill. This is an option most commonly used for outdated, old electronics that no longer prove useful, however, you can certainly dispose of the electronic gifts that you own in such manner. Fees for using an e-waste recycler vary based upon the number and weight of the items. Find an e-cycler in the area, inquire of their fees and schedule a pickup date and time to use this service.

Donate the Items

Choose a local charity or organization that supports a cause close to your heart. No matter the region you call home, numerous area organizations are nearby to choose from to make the donation. Many offer programs that could use various types of electronics, ranging from televisions to laptops to fax machines. Donating electronics gets the item out of your home and generously helps an organization in the community. Some non-profits also offer a tax receipt for deduction purposes.

Give The Items to Friends

Regifting saves money and ensures the item that you don’t need helps someone who does. Anyone on your gift-giving list is sure to appreciate an electronic item on their birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or graduation. Regifting also prevents the need to head out to shop, which we all know is sometimes a frustrating endeavor. If there is no occasion coming up suitable for regifting, present the item to your friend as is. Even without wrapping paper and the thrill of unwrapping the item, electronics always make us smile.

Give Them to Family

Just as friends enjoy receiving a nice electronic item, so to will your family members. Gift them with the electronics that you don’t want or need and enjoy all of the same benefits as gifting to a friend and more. It’s especially thoughtful to give electronics to family members who couldn’t otherwise afford the item or those who you know use outdated items. Of course, you are free to pick the family members to give your thoughtful gift to, regardless of who it is.

Sell Them

Electronics are valuable in every home and person’s life. What’s stopping you from selling the items and pocketing a bit of money? With a few electronics sales, you can pocket a nice chunk of money that can be used for any purpose you see fit. Sell the electronics on social media, via a garage sale, or elsewhere and this is the outcome for the electronics that you don’t want or need. Selling items is fast and easy, especially brand new, brand name items sold on the right platform.

Everyone receives unwanted electronic gifts now and again on various holidays and occasions. Maybe you won the item at a company giveaway or own the item already. Perhaps the electronic item simply isn’t your preferred style or brand. Whatever has caused the need to dispose of the item, the ideas above help avoid tossing it into the trash can or leaving it in the home to cause more clutter. Use one or more of these techniques to help keep your home clutter-free and your mind at peace.

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