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How to Ensure Maximum Shade in Your Yard

Landscaping renovations that have the potential to cut utility and upkeep costs while also beautifying a property are among the most popular options for home upgrades. Outdoor layouts, tree and shrub selection as well as covered areas that help to maximize shade can provide households with far more than just an ideal outdoor environment. Creating more shade can help to curb cooling costs, minimize the need to irrigate exterior environments and even help to boost the market value of a home. The following tips can help ensure that property owners who may be considering a landscaping upgrade will be able to beat the heat and stay cool during even the warmest days of summer

Plan Landscaping Projects in Advance

Exterior upgrades and landscaping projects can quickly get out of hand, especially for homeowners who fail to establish clear goals or to define the scope of a project ahead of time. Learning more about various climbing vines that can help minimize unwanted heat build up or researching the best shade trees in advance ensures that more informed and effective decisions are able to be made. Diagramming a landscape upgrade or shopping around in order to obtain a price quote or estimation on any landscaping or construction services that may be required can also be a good idea. Effective planning and preparation help to keep costs low while ensuring that homeowners are able to enjoy superior results from their efforts.

Shading Strategic Areas

While a sprawling shade garden or an expansive covered deck may have much to offer, such options may simply be too extreme, especially for homeowners who have only limited funds to work with. Shading only specific areas, such as walkways, gardens or seating areas can allow households to enjoy the best of both worlds while also minimizing the time and effort needed to complete their renovation. Modest projects like shading a wall or window that may be subjected to excessive sun exposure can still make a difference in terms of utility costs or comfort levels.

Selecting The Best Trees and Shrubs

Not all foliage may prove to be a suitable option for property owners whose primary concern is creating a well shaded space. While there is simply no substitute for a shade tree with a full-bodied canopy, the cost and length of time needed for such trees to reach maturity can become a real complication. Using a light scaffolding to support a dense ivy or planting fast-growing plants that have broad leaves can often be just as effective. Homeowners may also do well to consider both the growing periods and the typical seasonal fluctuations of any plants they may be considering.

Covered Porches, Patios and Other Outdoor Areas

Using greenery to supply shade can be of enormous benefit, sometimes a sturdier option is needed. Adding an awning, covering a porch or installing a gazebo can all provide households with a more consistent and permanent way to create a shaded space. Such upgrades can be an ideal option in regions that see frequent storms and other forms of inclement weather which may have the potential to harm shade-producing foliage. These installations and outdoor upgrades can be well worth the cost for property owners who are serious about creating a sheltered, shaded and more comfortable outdoor environment.

More Attractive Landscapes Mean More Attractive Homes

From reducing irrigation and upkeep costs to enhancing the curb appeal and property value of a home, landscaping projects can be well worth the effort and expense involved. For homeowners who are tired of dealing with higher cooling costs or the constant watering and irrigation needed to maintain a yard, landscaping for shade may prove to be an ideal solution. Assessing different design and installation options, coming up with a plan and seeking out the greenery, construction options and service providers who can help make it happen can be an important step towards the creation of a more attractive home.

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