How to Create Beautiful Home Decor from Ship Parts

When it comes to home décor, everyone has their own tastes and preferences. The tastes are affected by the different passions and experiences that the person has had throughout their lives. Well, if you have spent a good amount of time in the sea or you are a boat lover, perhaps you are always dreaming and strategizing on home you will bring some of your likes and memories made at sea into your house. Well, using ship parts for interior décor is a trend and when done properly, it will transform your home into the most unique living space while at the same time speaking into your tastes and preferences. Here are some tips to help you in the process.

Thrift for Pieces That You Might Like

The first part of the process is shopping around with ship parts that will go well with the rest of your home’s décor. Some of the best places where you are likely to find these parts include antique shops and online shops which sell old ship parts. There are tons of stores that you can visit, both physically and online and as long as you have the patience that is needed to pick the right pieces, you will get them eventually. Some of the pieces which are common in these shops include:

  • Boat Oars
  • Buoys
  • Fenders
  • Life rings
  • Oil lanterns
  • Sea glass balls
  • Ship wheels

There are many other items that you can include in the general décor of your home as long as you are able to take time and do the selection properly.

Bidding for the Pieces

You will notice that most of these pieces are sold auction-style. This means that when you see a piece which you like, you will have to place a bid and wait for the process to complete before you can get it shipped. It is therefore recommended that you start shopping before you contract an interior décor expert because if there are delays, you will both end up very frustrated. It is also important to compare and contrast the cost of similar parts on different websites and see whether there is a better deal. Finally, take time and figure out the authenticity of any piece before spending on it.

Deciding Where the Pieces Will Go

When you have collected the pieces, which will help you set the general décor mood rolling, the second step in the process will be assessing your home and deciding where each of the pieces will go. The first approach that you can give the décor idea is to have bits and pieces all over the house. On the other hand, you could decide to have an entire room dedicated to collectibles from ship wreckages salvage. When you decide to go with the former, you will need to be very careful and ensure that wherever you place a piece, it blends in with the rest of the style. Oil lanterns would look really good where you would place the regular lanterns. Similarly, and antique canoe would create a unique centerpiece for the patio. Work with an expert in interior décor to advice on how to strategically place these parts.

Deciding Between Retouching and Not

The other important decision which you will have to make is whether you will leave the pieces as they are or you will restore and retouch them a bit. In most cases, people like using the parts as they are because it really captures the essence of the décor style. However, there are some parts which will be so rusted that they will need refinishing. The best thing that you can do for these antique pieces is read about them and restore them to the state which they used to be in before the weather and water took its toll on them.

Those are just a few of the considerations that you can make when using ship parts as your interior décor. The most vital piece of advice to remember is that you cannot possibly get all the beautiful pieces in one sitting. You have to keep going back to the shops, getting new and better pieces and improving upon what you already have. With time, the theme will be complete and your home will be the nautical dream you are visualizing.

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