How to Choose the Best E-Liquid

Suppose you are completely novice about the whole idea of E-liquid and you have these burning desire to know the truth, ie, from A-Z. In this article lies the comprehensive information about E-liquid. To begin with, I will provide a brief definition what e-liquid is all about and go on further to give additional tips. E-liquid refers to the solution that contains flavors and which nicotine is sometimes added


The Flavor


Before doing anything else, you should be certain of which flavor you want. The reason for this is that although you may be lucky to find a bottle that has the perfect amount of nicotine and PG/VG and vapor production if the flavor does not impress you, then there is a high likelihood that you will not use the product. For consumers’ need manufacturers develop, flavors of different tastes for their customers there are various flavors of food, cocktails, fruity and tobacco blends. Statistics show that new users have the habit of choosing tobacco blends that suit their cigarette brands and that is encouraged. Most manufacturers use this technique to develop blends that are similar to the brands to tap their interest.


Which E-Liquid is good for a starter?


There is no definite answer to that as everyone has his/ her taste and preferences the type of flavor that one begins with is solely dependent upon an individual. It is often ideal to pick a blended flavor that slightly mimics the kind of e-cigar that you use. Another key point to note when starting out it is to try out the small bottles before moving on to consume significant amounts of the substance. The significance of this is that it will enable you to choose the best flavor for yourself. Furthermore, it will be an appropriate method escaping costs for the flavor you do not need.


When you are a new user, it is vital to choose the appropriate strength as well as the flavor for your e- liquid. To be specific high strength e-liquids contain nicotine of about 20-36mg while the low strength flavors have a small percentage of nicotine of about 7-12mg. However, one should be cautious of the consequences of choosing something that is too strong for them. If you are a fresher and you take something that is highly concentrated chances are you will be affected severely by the flavor. The reason for this is because just as using tobacco for the first time the flavors also have tremendous effects such as feeling dizzy and sick just after using the product. In case your nicotine intake has reached the brim, and you are desiring to cut it down while still using the product then it is proper to go for the 0% nicotine-containing flavors. You do not need to strive that much or risk causing more harm to your health.


How safe are e-liquids?


In case you strictly follow the steps given by the manufacturer and take caution while using the E-liquid there is completely no reason to state that e-liquids aren’t safe. Although there is no scientific, proof that e-liquids are healthier than the tobacco the main reason that is believed to attract people to these flavors is that they do not produce carbon monoxide as the tobacco does.


Why you need to test


Whether you are new or you have been using e-liquid for a reasonable amount of time, a test will just do the right job for you in, making sure the flavor is appropriate for you and your health as well. To be precise, not all vapors are made the same with emerging flavors and the differences level of nicotine there is a high possibility of one leading him or herself into a calamity. Your health and money are important, and to safeguard them you will need the test. Although there is every temptation to escape this stage because of the need to quench our thirst for the e-cigar one should bear in mind that health conditions are irreversible and the money for the purchase is also nonrefundable. With this fact in mind, I think you will make a sound decision the next time you want a flavor.

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