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How Hurricane Shutters Protect Your Home

Losing your home or loved ones is a harrowing ordeal. Storms are nothing short but total nightmares. Many prefer relocating to storm-free and secure locations instead of residing in hurricane-prone areas. Others are so attached to their home areas and prefer to hold on since nothing is permanent. They prefer to face the consequences.

Local governments of affected regions require regularly affected homes to meet specific building codes. These codes ensure that the structures are sturdy and can withstand torrential rains, winds, floods, and debris.

Hurricane shutters are a must install for all homeowners residing in these regions. They keep homes safe during significant rough weather events.

What are hurricane shutters?

Hurricane shutters are any door or window coverings that can withstand stormy conditions. They entirely protect the building and envelope it from any damage. Before a major hurricane or storm, many homeowners prefer installing plywood window protectors instead of hurricane shutters to prevent damages.

However, technically it’s challenging to secure the plywood on various parts of a home safely. Mostly, plywood fails. It doesn’t deliver results. Professionally, plastic or metallic hurricane shutters offer much more longevity and durability compared to plywood. Hurricane shutters are very convenient. They are easy to remove and can be stored safely for future use.

How do hurricane shutters work?

Hurricane shutters function by disrupting air pressure. During significant storms, winds can be destructive and robust. They can potentially cause severe damages to homes, which can be very costly. Homes that are not protected are prone to wind damages.

Hurricane protectors seal all the entrances to the home, preventing wind from entering the interior. Shutters placed on windows prevent the glass from being shattered by debris or air pressure.

Once pressure and wind escape inside the house, the entire home can be air-lifted. The roof is always the first to be damaged.

Most hurricane shutters resemble wooden shutters. However, they are very decorative and durable. Shutters are made from sturdy materials like aluminum. What are the additional benefits of hurricane shutters? They include;

• They offer storm protection
• Most are available in different colors
• They provide privacy and shade
• They save on costs
• They are easy to remove and close
• They protect the windows and doors from flying debris

Types of shutters

Automatic roll-down hurricane shutters

These protectors are made of polycarbonate or metal. They roll down from above the window and quickly hide away from the window into a box when they are not in operation. There are different styles that can be lowered. They can be lowered automatically or by hand. They perfectly lock in space to protect your home.


• They protect efficiently
• One person can install them
• Permanently secured on the window

Bahama Hurricane shutters

This is a one-piece shutter that is fixed above the windows. The shutter has horizontal slats that keep out glare from direct sunlight and rain. When they prop open, they provide perfect shade. However, during storms, they offer sturdy protection. Bahama shutters are made from aluminum. But, they can also be made from fiberglass or composite wood.


• Can be installed by one individual
• Gives privacy and shade
• Attached permanently

Colonial hurricane shutters

According to their design, they are very decorative. Apart from their looks, they offer homeowners excellent protection. The two-piece shutters are attached to the wall beside the windows. They are folded together to provide protection.

• Easy to set up
• They are appealing
• They are permanently attached behind the windows

Other hurricane shutters include:

• Accordion Hurricane Shutters
• Storm panel Hurricane shutters

Who needs to have hurricane shutters?

Typically, all homeowners should have hurricane shutters at all times. They can promptly install the shutters in case of rogue storms. But, homeowners in plains or coastal areas are commonly affected by heavy winds and hurricanes.

They are the most in need of hurricane shutters. When going on vacations, it’s imperative to leave the shutters in place. The protectors will guarantee you that you will return to a home that is still standing.

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