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9 Common Misconceptions About Anxiety

If you struggle with anxiety or know someone who does, then you understand how debilitating the condition can be. Whether it manifests as full panic attacks or memory loss, going through the ordeal is tough. Unfortunately, anxiety remains one of the biggest struggles that people get wrong.

Anxiety is similar to stress

Even after celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid came out to talk about their anxiety struggles; people still confuse the condition with stressful situations. Although an overwhelming feeling of doom drives both, there are many differences. Stress is based on a particular external situation while anxiety does not require an external stimulus. Anxiety is also more persistent than stress.

People with anxiety are weak

Many people are of the idea that having a disorder is a sign of being feeble and fearful, which is not the case. Although some panic disorders are caused by fear, there is a lot more to anxiety than fear. The condition can originate from something as familiar as remorse. Recurring fears and anxiety may at times feel like walls on either side of a trail that is painted with regret.

Panic attacks are dramatic

The fact is that panic attacks are not overreactions. It is a hormone response that the body uses to protect itself from what it deems as scary, stressful or threatening situations. Since it can be terrifying, you ought to learn the coping mechanisms so that you are prepared when a panic attack hits.

Anxiety is no big deal

People assume that anxiety is something to be swept under the rug, which has driven many people to extreme ends. Anxiety disorders can cause other conditions such as addiction and depression. Some teenagers do not talk about their anxiety because they do not think of it as a big deal.

Anxiety is a woman’s illness

Anxiety looks and feels different on women and men. That is why some people believe that only women can have panic attacks. What people call anxiety in women is what people call anger in men. In case someone you know is experiencing a behavioral change, you should consider the underlying cause and assist them in getting help.

Anxiety issues originate from a miserable childhood

Another widespread misunderstanding about childhood is that it must arise from problems from the past. Although past experiences might influence anxiety in a way, it is not a must. A problematic childhood may result in several issues, and not only anxiety. Some people who had flawless childhoods still have anxiety.

You can grow out of anxiety

Anxiety is a persistent condition that you cannot simply grow out of. When you tell a person that the anxiety will disappear after a while, you are doing an injustice to them. It will only get better if they seek the necessary help. Sometimes anxiety may change and manifest differently over time, which does not mean that it has disappeared.

It is hard to be a friend to someone with anxiety

Everyone has been through a moment when all the pangs of nerves were up in the air. It doesn’t mean that you cannot use a friend when things are going south. Therefore, claiming that being a friend to someone with anxiety is challenging suggests that people with anxiety do not deserve friends, which is not the case.

Your anxiety is your worst trait

Anxiety can be challenging to manage, but it is one of the things that bring growth. All you need is to see the beauty in anxiety even when you do not have a reason to. Your anxiety is not your worst enemy, and you should know this. It may not happen in a day or a month, but with time you will learn the purpose of your anxiety. Being open and candid about mental illness will help other people to get through it. If you realize that your friends have signs of anxiety, lend them a helping hand.

Understanding the facts will make coping with anxiety a lot easier. Now that you know these nine statements are myths, you will be in a better position to help people in need. Do not discriminate against your friends and family with anxiety.

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