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8 Steps To Securing A Great Residency

Becoming a doctor is a professional dream for many people. After you have finished medical school, one of the biggest things that you will have to do is go to a residency program. When you are looking into a residency program, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by all of the options. Fortunately, there are a variety of tips that can be followed that could help you to pick a great residency program.

Know Your Focus

When you are trying to find the right residency and get into a great program, the first thing that you need to do is know your focus. There are many different residency programs available today. Some of these are very well known for certain areas of focus. If you have a goal of going into a certain area of medicine, you should try to get into a program that has a good reputation in that field.

Do Some Research

Once you know what your focus is, you should do more research into each of the top programs in that field. You should look into a variety of topics including how many residents are admitted, who the professors are, and what benefits the program provides to residents. This will help you to find a target program that aligns with your goals.

Apply Early

As soon as you know what program you want to go to, you should also consider applying as soon as possible. While you likely will not have to apply until about 6 months before the start of the residency program, it always makes sense to apply much earlier. When you apply earlier, you will increase your chances of standing out to the admitting board. Further, it will give you more time to find a second choice program if you don’t get in.

Get Involved with School

When you are applying for a residency program, the hospitals will want to see that you are focused on the field and are very serious. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that you are involved when you are in medical school. Beyond going to class and doing well academically, you should also spend time joining clubs and other groups in the school. This will improve your application and allow you to meet new people.

Medical Research

When you are in medical school, you should also focus on doing more medical research. During school, there will likely be many opportunities for you to participate in research studies. When you are part of these programs, you will be able to bolster your resume even more. Further, this will give you a great glimpse into how professional medical research is done.

Get a Mentor

Going through the residency process is always a big challenge. When you are doing this, you will find that it is very easy to be overwhelmed. Because of this, you should find someone that can help to guide you. Getting a mentor can be a great option for anyone that is looking to apply for a residency program. This will help to ensure that you are able to receive the support you need to get through the challenging times.


Getting into a good residency program is very similar to any other type of professional goal. If you want to get into a great program, you will need to do some sort of networking. There are many great ways that you can go about doing this. By finding out who some of the top contacts are, you could try to form a relationship that could help you to meet the right people. You could also receive guidance into what a certain program is looking for in their residents. This give you the guidance you need to get into your target program.

Be Open Minded

Ultimately, when you are applying for residency programs, you will soon find that it is very competitive. Even if you are not able to get into your top choice, there are bound to be other programs that could work well for you. Because of this, you should be open-minded about your options, which could allow you to find a great program that you were not previously even considering.

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