7 Tips For Detailing Your Luxury Car

You’ve invested all that money in your luxury vehicle, but that does not mean you have to be spending a small fortune to keep it looking like new. There are plenty of things already in your garage or kitchen cabinet that can make short work of keeping the interior of your ride looking spotless and like it just rolled off the showroom floor again.

Consider these seven tips for detailing your luxury car with common household items that will leave your ride looking spectacular.

1. Versatility of Baby Wipes

A number of things can cause your windows and mirrors to look dirty during the day, and many times you don’t have the right cleaning supplies on hand to make short work of the issue. One car detailing tip that’s an easy way to clean the windows in your luxury car in a moment’s notice is to keep a container of baby wipes in the glove box. These baby wipes come in small travel packs that can be stored and will wipe down any debris on the glass and help keep them looking shiny and new.

2. Tiny Sponge Paint Brush

Purchase a small sponge paint brush from your local home center or hardware store and keep it with the cleaning supplies that you use on your luxury car. When you need to dust or wipe down those small crevices around the dash, this tiny sponge will attract debris like a magnet.

3. The Magic Eraser

The Magic Eraser does more than keep your home interior looking like new, it can also help to keep your luxury car looking amazing. If there are any sticky surfaces on the steering wheel, console, or even the seats, give them a quick rub with the eraser and they are gone. The eraser will not damage plastic, leather, or vinyl, so it can be used on just about every area of the interior of your car.

4. Put on Your Panty Hose

Before you start to vacuum the inside of your luxury car, cut a pair of pantyhose in half and place one of the legs over the wand on the attachment of the vacuum. Now when you are cleaning the floor, under the seats, or in those tight areas between the center console and seats, small things will not be sucked up into the tank. Things like coins, lost earrings, or other dropped valuables, are now accessible to you trapped inside the pantyhose.

5. Cooking with Olive Oil

The cooking oil that you use to create amazing meals for the family can also be used to keep your luxury car looking like new. Place a small dab of the cooking oil on a clean white cloth, then go to work polishing the leather on the dash. Not only will the oil give the surface a nice shine, it will protect it from the sunlight and help preserve the leather longer.

6. Small Paint Brush

A small paintbrush that you have with your painting supplies can help keep the interior of the car looking better. While you are detailing the interior of the luxury car, use the paintbrush around the air vents, the dash buttons, and all the hard to reach crevices around the dash of the car. While the tiny brush is safely drawing out dust and debris, the vacuum will suck it up before it hits the floor.

7. Coffee Filters Dual Purpose

Don’t spend extra money on a chamois each time you are cleaning the interior of your luxury car. Go to the kitchen and grab a coffee filter, it will work just as good, absorbing moisture from those surfaces you just cleaned. Whether you are washing the dash or cleaning up sticky surfaces on the seats, the coffee filter quickly absorbs any moisture so that you are not leaving behind any water stains on those surfaces.

These seven tips for detailing your luxury car won’t break the bank and will allow you to showcase your ride like it was intended to. Most of these supplies you’ll already have in your house, if not, they are inexpensive and can be stored in the garage with your other automotive detailing supplies.

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