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7 Simple Ways to Ease the Vacation Planning Process

Imagine yourself on vacation – what do you see? Hopefully relaxation, rest, and pure bliss are your priorities. However, vacations can quickly become another point of stress in life if they are not planned well. Here are seven simple says to ease the vacation planning process.

Know When to Plan

The best vacations take time to plan out, but no one wants to spend all of their time prepping. It’s important to know how much time to give yourself to plan out vacations. Plan purchasing tickets, flights, and literal travel routes early (more than two weeks in advance) so that you aren’t caught by surprises. Two weeks before, begin researching the places you want to travel. Read reviews and learn inside tips and tricks. 1 week before, begin setting aside things to pack, and assure that things are in order at work for your leave. The nights before you leave are for last-minute details.

Don’t Schedule in too Much

Vacation time is precious, and it’s important to see all that you are able. However, if you pack your schedule too tight, you will exhaust yourself. The New York Time Travel Tips says that you should plan out one or two days of rest for every week that you’re traveling. This allows you to relax and feel your best when you are out sight-seeing. It also allows time for unexpected adventures.

Research Ahead of Time

We live in an age of online sharing, and people love to post video and picture blogs as well as reviews, tips, and tricks for the very places you are planning to travel! Do research early on for your trip, and learn from others’ past experiences. You can research everything from what time of year is best to go, which days of the week are less crowded, and even which dates have travel deals to save money. You can research what sights to see and which to avoid, how much money each activity will cost, “insider tips” from area locals, and read reviews of places to eat and explore.

Anticipate and Dream

A surprising study published in Huffington Post states that the happiest part of your vacation happens even before you leave! Anticipating vacations elevated happy hormones in the brain more than any other stage of the vacation process. So revel in the planning process and ease your stress!

Set Aside a “Packing Area”

This tip is especially helpful when traveling with kids. A couple weeks before your trip, set aside an area in your house that is especially dedicated to packing. Lie out open suitcases and as the days progress, put the things you know you’ll need into them as you’re able. Let the kids know that what goes in the suitcase doesn’t come out until you’re on vacation.

Book as Far in Advance as Possible

Hotel fees are steadily increasing between resort fees, premiums for wi-fi, and even parking prices! LA Times says that you want to be looking to book your hotel at least 45 days in advance to get the cheapest rate possible. They also say that you can find meal deals, better flights, and valuable coupons further in advance.

Get Enough Sleep

Coming home from work or other activities and then attempting to plan a vacation takes a lot of energy. It’s important to get enough sleep leading up to the vacation, so that you can experience it feeling healthy and well. If the stress of getting tickets, planning dates, packing up, and getting there “on time” is too much, make sure you’re resting up and sleeping enough to give your busy mind a rest. Sleeping appropriately will help you feel refreshed while planning, rather than tired and stressed. It’s important to make good decisions while planning, and being well rested is the key.
Everyone needs a vacation from time to time, it’s important to enjoy life to the fullest. Make the planning and researching stage enjoyable by doing it in advance and learning from the experiences of others. Start your planning early on, and dream on about your trip – literally!

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