7 Gift Ideas for the Babies in Your Life

Babies, from newborns to soon-to-be toddlers, are in a developmental stage of life. When gift shopping for babies, it’s important that you recognize their needs for fun, laughter, exploration, and imagination. Considering the parents in your baby gift shopping endeavors will also help you on your quest to find the perfect gift.

Toys and Activity Sets

Depending on the age of the child, he or she may be more interested in the packaging than the actual gift itself. As they grow older, however, there are certain toys that can grow with them.

An activity mat is an ideal choice for a growing baby. Activity mats can be used by newborns for “tummy time” and by older babies for activity and stimulation. From 0 to 2 months, baby responds to sound and touch, so anything that moves or has soothing audio is a good choice.

Electronic baby gifts, such as play phones, play tablets, and learning lap tops are great for visual and audio development as a newborn. As the child gets older, he or she will be able to use the toys for their designated purpose, whether it be learning numbers, colors, or the alphabet.

Items such as rockers, bead toys, wooden building blocks, and doorway jumpers are all toys that help a baby in his or her quest to explore the big world around them.

Teething Rings

A gift that’s helpful for both parents and baby is a teething ring. Teething rings come in singles or sets and there are many different varieties available. Some are filled with water and may be frozen in the freezer for extra soothing relief. Others feature ridges and different textures so that baby can chew on them as new teeth begin to erupt. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, so not only do they provide pain relief, but they also give baby something to look at and play with.

Teething beads and teething necklaces, however, should be avoided. Teething beads are known choking hazards, whereas teething necklaces post a strangulation risk.

Seats or Floor Pillows

There are plenty of baby chairs and baby pillows on the market. They’re designed to keep baby in a secure place so they can lounge around while also helping to build muscles in their neck, back, and core. This later helps them with sitting up on their own. There are many different designs, including foam chairs that conform to the baby’s bottom, or others that they lay back in. The seats that lay back are often referred to as “bouncy seats” and usually feature toys that can attach on an arch at the top. Some seats even play music. These toys help with sensory development and also allow mom and dad to have free hands for a moment while the baby is within arm’s reach.

Baby Bath Products

Not exactly a “fun” gift, baby bath products are still incredibly useful. Choosing organic, all-natural products will help protect a baby’s sensitive skin and also provide mom and dad with peace of mind. Because babies take a huge number of bath’s throughout the first few years of their lives, it’s important to choose safe products that are still effective. Organic products are now widely available in stores and include baby wash, baby lotion, baby shampoos, and even baby wipes.


Not only do babies have numerous feedings and bowel movements per day, but they’re also constantly growing. This is precisely why baby clothes are a great gift idea. For many moms, it seems that her baby wears an outfit once, only to grow out of it a week later! Baby clothes should always be purchased in different sizes. Start with a few outfits in baby’s current size, but then choose additional outfits in a size or two up. This will help make mom’s life much easier, and ensure that baby is wearing clothes that are comfortable.


If the baby in your life is just starting to walk, shoes are a must-have. Strong, yet soft soles are ideal, as they help baby adjust to walking with shoes without creating too much bulk. Some baby shoes are designed to support growing feet. If baby isn’t yet walking, shoes are still great accessories and can keep their feet warm during the colder months of the year.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a wonderful gift idea for the babies in your life, as it can be filled with a number of goodies. From toys, bath products, teething rings, and everything else mentioned above, to other necessities like diapers, wipes, bottles, ointments, balms, bedtime essentials, and pacifiers, a baby gift basket really has no limit to what you can include. You can even include some gifts for mom and dad, like a gift certificate for a massage, or a “coupon” for a free night of baby sitting.

From teething rings to bath products, finding the perfect gift for the babies in your life will be used during the important developmental stage. Even though the gifts likely won’t be remembered by baby, you will be able to watch the child grow and make use

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