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7 Creative Ideas to Incorporate Gabions in Landscaping Design

You may have not heard of gabion walls or gabion baskets yet, but most likely you have seen them in various industrial and commercial landscaping and gardens.  Over the years, people have integrated gabions to build interesting and solid walls. Others use it for extra creative appeal or for practical applications.

When it comes to improving the overall look of the landscape, most people use gabions. They are utilized for creating privacy screening or for setting up walls, but there are more creative ways to use gabions. This includes building raised beds or making insect hotels.

What Are Gabions?

The term gabion is derived from the Italian phrase gabbione which means big cage, gabbia and Latin term cavea which means cage. It is a cylinder, cage, or box loaded with concrete, rocks, or at times soil and sand. Gabions are typically used in road building, civil engineering, landscaping, and military operations.

Others use it as caged riprap to control erosion. Gabions with cylindrical metal structures are utilized for foundation construction or for dams. In the military application, gabions are filled with soil and sand. These are used to serve as a shield from infantry, sappers, and artillerymen.

1.    Raised Pond

Gabions can be used to make raised ponds look even more appealing. Replace adding soil for gardens and use a plastic pool liner within the wire cage to make a classic pond. A gabion raised pond will make gardening more creative and interesting. It is also very easy to maintain. The outer part of the raised pond should feature natural stones to give it a more appealing look.

2.    Gabion Benches

Gabions can also be used for the exterior landscape by using it to design furniture in the garden. Gabion benches are not only great decorative elements in your garden but also a solid and durable one. To make gabion benches more effective you can incorporate plastic or a wooden seat at the top. You can use this type of bench outdoors without having to worry about its potential damage that could be due to harsh weather and outdoor elements. If you do not know how to create a gabion bench, many manufacturers are selling it.

3.    Insect Hotel

You can also make an insect hotel out of gabions. This is great especially for environmentalists because the hotel serves as a fantastic environment for the insects. For example, you can fix drilled pinecones in a basket made of wire. Gabion insect hotel must be maintained and must be kept dry at all times. This is to make sure that it will not be converted into a mosquito breeding hotel.

4.    Raised Bed

For a classic and stylish appeal in your garden, you can incorporate gabion raised beds. There are several stores offering kits or online sites providing easy to follow steps on how to make a gabion raised bed. This is a great help to gardeners who often find their back throbbing with pain because it is easy to work on. You can also position gabion raised beds on the terrace to make sure that passersby could appreciate the beauty of your garden.

5.    Gabion Special Hides for Rubbish Bins

Most of the time, trash bins are unsightly because of the waste. However, with a little dust of creativity, trash bins could be concealed by designing gabion baskets around it. To give your hide a unique and creative look, you can plant flowers on the gabion basket. This way, you can easily dissociate trash bins with ugliness.

6.    Make Gabion Stairs

Terraces in the garden could be easily recreated as steps in your house. Gabion stairs are extra sturdy and solid aside from being very easy to create. All you have to do is fill the cage with stones and securely tightened. You can place natural and colorful stones on the part where you step to make it more appealing.

7.    Make Gabions Indoors

Gabions are not only limited to outdoor landscape and garden use. In fact, you can also use them indoors. You could use it as a room divider to separate one room from the others. To make it more interesting and to have a greener indoor, you can grow beautiful plants and flowers on gabion walls. It is important that when you use gabions indoors, you must ensure you and your family’s safety. If you are not sure about its installation or construction, help from an architectural engineer or contractor will go a long way. These professionals can find a way to provide a foundation that can back the weight of the gabions.

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