6 Ways to Show Your Pro-Gun Pride

Shooting sports bring a huge amount of joy to a lot of people, while hunting can be vital for food, so it is natural for people to take pride in their gun ownership. It is also natural to show that pride, especially when you are attending shooting events. There are a lot of different ways to do it, from simple clothing to community service, and all of them are great ways to tell the world that you are proud of your shooting skills.

1- Choose Clothing Carefully

The easiest way to show your pride is through your clothing. It will be the first thing that most people notice when they look at you, and that makes it a powerful way to communicate. A little bit of subtlety will often go a long way. A T-shirt from a shooting even, a hat with a shooting club’s logo, and other small items are usually all that it takes to get the point across. Theming all of your clothes around shooting is normally excessive and it can make people ignore the whole outfit, so you will communicate more effectively if you use your pride as an accessory.

2- Provide Education

Many of the people who are nervous around guns feel that way because they don’t understand them. Taking the time to teach people about guns and gun safety helps to resolve that issue while also showing your pride in what you do and in your knowledge. Simply teaching people who show an interest in shooting but do not have the resources to get started on their own is a great way to make a difference in the community while also showing pride and improving the shooting community’s reputation.

3- Host Events

People who are proud of their activities don’t hesitate to take part in them in public, or even to help others to do so. You can show your pride in shooting by hosting events, such as competitions or chances to try out new shooting sports. That can be a lot of work, so it is usually a good idea to get some help from other people who want to support their local shooting community, or range managers who want to get a little extra traffic. You can even combine events with raising funds for charities or other extra goals to help attract attention and improve the world.

4- Display Awards

All people should take pride in their own excellence. Competitive shooters often accumulate a lot of awards over the years, and it is completely appropriate to display them in your home. That shows that you have pride both in your abilities and in your support for shooting. It can also serve as a way to start ac conversation about shooting, which can lead into many of the other ways that people show pride in the activity. You can display the awards in any part of your home, but it is often best to keep them near your shooting supplies so that nothing looks out of place in your home.

5- Support Shooting Ranges

Facilities reflect the pride of the people who use them. You should make a point of supporting your local shooting ranges, both by shooting at them and by treating the facilities with respect while you are there. Keeping shooting ranges in business is vital to make sure that shooters have a place to gather, hold events, and compete with each other, which is important for maintaining a healthy sense of pride in the sport. Most ranges are fairly affordable, so it is worth spending a little extra to support them and take advantage of the what they have to offer.

6- Be Open

Openness is the core of pride. Simply being willing to admit that you are heading to a shooting range instead of being vague or making excuses shows that you are proud of your hobby. When people ask if you have done anything interesting lately, you can show your pride by focusing on your recent trips to the range. This doesn’t take any special effort, and anyone who shoots can do it, but it will show everyone that you take pride in your actions.

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