6 Tips On Keeping The Roof In Great Shape

Whether it’s a home, business, school, or other building, it’s always important to keep the roof in good shape. Along with making the building look good, a roof that’s in great shape also prevents leaks, keeps a building cool in summer and warm in winter, and can also help prevent additional structural damage from occurring. However, to make sure all this happens, it’s crucial to keep the roof in great shape year-round. But since many people don’t know what to do or what to look for when it comes to their roof, many things that need to be done to roofs are often ignored. To make sure your roof is in the best possible shape, here are six tips to keep in mind regarding your roof.

1- Clear All Debris

If there is one thing that will do more harm to a roof than almost anything, it’s having piles of debris on it that never get cleaned off. When large piles of leaves or other debris are left on a roof, moisture gets trapped on the roof, resulting in water damage and mold.

2- Clean Your Guttering

Along with clearing all debris off your roof, also be sure to keep your guttering as clean as possible. If your guttering and downspouts become clogged with leaves, tree branches, or other debris, the water that accumulates in them will not be able to drain properly. When this happens, it will likely find its way onto your roof, and may start to work its way under the shingles. If this occurs, the shingles can become loose, and the water buildup can result in leaks and additional roof damage. More details about this can be found here.

3- Trim the Trees

To ensure there are fewer twigs and branches available to fall on your roof and clog up your guttering, always make sure to trim any trees that are near your home or building. This is best done in the spring and summer, since thunderstorms are often the primary cause of branches and twigs falling onto your roof. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep loose branches from getting stuck in the shingles, which in many cases causes the shingles to become loose. Additional information about this can be found here.

4- Have Proper Ventilation

While you may not think ventilation and your roof are related, that’s not the case at all. In fact, proper ventilation plays a key role in keeping your roof in great shape. If you have an attic, always make sure it is properly ventilated, since this will keep air circulating properly and keep the attic cool. If your attic is sealed too tightly, the temperature inside will get very high, which can result in your roofing materials to start breaking down prematurely, resulting in the need for repairs or a new roof far sooner than you anticipated.

5- Schedule a Roof Inspection

To make sure you don’t overlook any current or future problems with your roof, it’s always best to schedule a professional roof inspection once per year. To make sure this is done properly, always make sure the inspection is done by an experienced and licensed roofing contractor or home inspector. By doing so, you’ll be sure the information and advice you’re getting is coming from a reputable source.

6- Don’t Forget the Roof Boots

No, we’re not talking about boots you’ll wear while walking around on the roof. Instead, roof boots are rubber, and are located near where the fence of the roof comes up. Since they are rubber, over time they may dry out, which can make them susceptible to leaking. Because of this, it’s always important to make sure that along with the roof’s shingles, the boots are also inspected. If they are found to be dried out, make sure they get replaced as well.

By following these six tips, chances are good your roof will always stay in great shape. From taking some time to clear off debris and clean your guttering to ensuring your attic is properly ventilated, you will be ensuring your home or building will have few if any leaks or other roofing issues in the years ahead.

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