6 Tips for Keeping Your Aging Parents Happy

If you are like most responsible adults, you want to keep your aging parents safe and happy. By evaluating their current needs and making the required changes now, you increase the odds they will stay in their current homes for a longer period. Here are six things you can do to help your parents to keep their independence and remain happy in the years ahead.

1- Make Home Modifications

Age often change how seniors approach their daily lives. For a safe living, you need to make adjustments to their own home. The National Conference of State Legislatures and the AARP Publicly Institute Policy indicate that approximately 90 percent of people aged 65 and above prefer to stay in their own homes for as long as practically possible. Furthermore, 80 percent of them believe that they will always live in their current homes.

Improve their own home to create a stable environment for your aging parents. Start looking for ways to keep their home in good condition. Think about whether the home is adequately equipped for any physical impairments or disabilities your parent may have at any point during their lifetime. Look for service providers, interview a few professionals, get advice from trusted friends, and ensure the work is done professionally.

2- Enlist Local Support

In the present world, many adult children live several hundreds of miles away from their parents. Though you can use modern technology to communicate with your aging parents, there can be no better way to ensure your parents are safe, comfortable, and happy other than live check-ins. Identify reliable local family members, friends, or neighbors and recruit them to be your eyes and ears back at home. You can also consider pet ownership if your parents are lonely and would like a closer and more consistent companionship.

3- Take them to Events they May Enjoy

Maintaining frequent contact, visiting your parents at regular intervals, and getting the support of the local community can relieve you and your parents from a lot of stress. However, you do much better if you take them to concerts, comedy shows, community festivals, theater, and other social activities that mean something important to them. When you go with your parents, you may give them an opportunity to do several things that they could never have done on their own. Start with events they enjoyed in the past, do some research to know how to get to where they are, and offer to cater for tickets and arrange transportation.

4- Encourage them to Play Safe Online Games

Aging parents may find it easy to play certain productive games online as they have no energy to engage in many physical activities. Ask them questions about things like lottery entries and contests. However, since some seniors are quite addicted to getting into things such as these ones but can’t differentiate legitimate games from rip-off schemes, help them to make the right decisions. Most illegitimate games put conditions for winning a game.

5- Ensure Adequate Access to Healthcare

Assess if your parents are able to spot medical problems and ask for help early enough. What about keeping up with medical appointments, fill prescriptions, deal with health insurance issues without help? If there is no one the local community who can help them, consider checking on them frequently.

6- Do the Right Thing

While it is apparent that almost all aging parents would like to stay in their own homes for the rest of their lives, in case your parents are no longer safe living in their home, move them to a more secure, monitored environment. This is a difficult decision, and you should take when offering quality care means doing what is right at the most convenient time. The safety of your parents must be the first priority. If moving them from their home will compromise their well-being, their rights to keep them at home and ensure their needs are met.

The process of keeping your parents safe begins when you sit down with them and thoroughly evaluate their current living conditions with the aim of protecting their present and future happiness. Involve them when making key decisions from the beginning. If you take these steps, you will unburden your parents and also give yourself peace of mind.


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