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6 Tips for Hiring Entertainment for Your Event

When organizing an event, be it a formal dinner or a lively party, you want to make sure that you’re hiring entertainment. Having someone who can deliver the goods in terms of making the guests feel great joy and enthusiasm. Here are six tips for hiring entertainment for your event.

1. Hire appropriate entertainment

Not all entertainment will be suitable for all occasions. For instance, if you’re hosting a kid’s party, you shouldn’t hire a raunchy comedian. Similarly, if you’re hosting a black tie dinner, you shouldn’t hire a loud rock band. Think about each event you’re hosting and consider what you would like to see as a guest. There’s not going to be a whole lot of wiggle room if your choice is deliberately misguided. People are going to have certain expectations regarding the event and these shouldn’t be violated.

2. Hire experienced entertainers

Your event should not be the time for an act who’s new or inexperienced to flex their talents. They might have a whole lot of talent or potential, but they need to be properly seasoned, not only in their craft but also in playing for live crowds. You might not be able to hire the most acclaimed performers of all-time, but you should be able to find ones that are experienced in their chosen field. When hiring entertainment, you should request things like videos that demonstrate their live talents.

3. Get recommendations

You want to ask around for the best possible entertainment. If you know others who have hosted events with entertainment, ask them how they came to hire their chosen entertainment. They could really give you a good idea of who to hire. Contrastly, it could also give you an idea of who not to hire. Look for testimonials about entertainers that didn’t have good reception. It’s imperative that you know who has a poor reputation.

4. Do online research

When looking for testimonials, the internet can be your best friend. You can find out information about entertainers and whether or not they’ll be worthwhile for your event. While there won’t always be testimonials that are valuable, such as ones that are vague or purposefully inflammatory, you can still gather some good information. For instance, if there’s a trend of specific negative information, such as arriving late or being rude to guests, you know not to hire that particular entertainer.

5. Be clear about what you want

When you hire live entertainment, you need to communicate with them as clearly as possible. While you did hire them for specific purposes, and they should understand that, you should tell them about what they exact from this particular event. You should make it clear what won’t be allowed. For instance, they might be playing to a crowd with certain political beliefs and should avoid expressing certain viewpoints (whether they have them or not). You should also make it clear how long they will be expected to work and what their compensation will be.

6. Treat them well

This goes without saying for just about any aspect of life, but you need to make sure that you treat your entertainment as well as possible. You depend on them as much as they depend on you. If you develop a reputation for being an ungrateful host, word is going to spread through the local entertainment community, highlighting you as someone they should not work for. Make sure that you are as kind and appreciative as possible towards any entertainment you hire (provided they show the same decency towards you.

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