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6 Practical Uses for Botox

Everyone knows Botox is used to help keep the skin looking young. It stops wrinkles by essentially paralyzing the muscle. If the muscle doesn’t move, wrinkles won’t form. However, Botox has a number of other uses as well. Some of them may even surprise you. Here are 7 practical uses for Botox.

1. Underarm sweating

Everyone sweats at times. However, some of us sweat more than others. This can be the result of a condition called hyperhidrosis. Usually this can be resolved with some additional applications of deodorant. However, if you find yourself applying an excessive amount of times during the day or even requiring multiple showers, it’s time to do something about it.

Botox has been shown to effective reduce underarm sweating. The method is actually FDA-approved for this very reason. People have used Botox too reduce sweating of the feet and hands as well.

2. Migraines

Headaches cause significant pain. Migraines are even worse. Migraines cause even worse pain that can prevent people from going about their daily activities. It’s easy to see how people would be excited for a cure that would help with the pain.

Luckily, Botox has been shown to offer some relief. Patients will get about 30 injections in their face and head. The patient will see relief for about three months, so it’s not a long-lasting solution. Some people feel the results may be due to the result of a placebo effect. However, the treatment is authorized by the FDA.

3. Overactive bladder

Many mothers learn that after they give birth vaginally, it can lower the control they once had over their bladder. They may experience leaks at times. It can happen when they exercise, when they laugh, or even when they realize they do actually have to urinate. Some people stick to a pantyliner for help. However, Botox can lower the amount of accidents a woman has in a day from five to three.

4. Foot pain

Every woman knows the struggle is real when it comes to high heels. Botox can help lower the pain significantly. It’s also helpful for people who have chronic pain in their feet. While the pain may be diluted, the shoes can still cause other problems to the feet. People have tried steroids for the same purpose to find that Botox is more effective.

5. Facial spasms

Some people unintentionally spasm in the face. It’s especially common around the eyes. These spasms can be distracting. It can cause people to make jokes or even take the person less seriously. Since Botox freezes the area of application, it can prevent the spasms from occurring. It also gives the benefit of preventing wrinkles around the eyes as well. It can also be used to help correct crossed eyes.

6. Appearance

The main reason people get Botox is to help themselves feel cute. Botox can help shape the face the way that you want it to be shaped. You can make eyebrows look higher and even help shape the nose. It can also help make the face look thinner without the need to go under the knife.

Some people think Botox is only designed to prevent wrinkles. There are a number of uses that can benefit you or someone else you know. If you could benefit from anything mentioned above, it’s time to talk to the doctor now.

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