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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard this Summer

A well-manicured lawn is one that creates pride, curb appeal, increased home value, and added comfort to any property. With summer fast approaching, now is the perfect time to spruce up your home and create a stunningly ravishing place that sweeps your family, visitors, and even the neighbors, off their feet. Numerous ideas exist for homeowners who wish to turn their backyard into a work of art, even when there is a limited budget in place.

Hasta la Vista, Weeds

Weeds are an enemy to your backyard. They’re unsightly growing amongst beautiful vegetation and instantly decrease the aesthetic appeal of the home. If their grotesque appearance isn’t convincing enough to persuade you to weed the yard, perhaps knowing that ragweed, pollen, and other allergies love the weeds. Your entire family benefits without their presence on the lawn. Weeding isn’t the most glamorous outside lawn job, but one of great importance when summer heat increases their growth and they’re all about the lawn.

Add a Wishing Well

No inground installation, necessary. A wishing well is an attractive, fun addition to any backyard that the entire family will enjoy. What kind of wish will you make first? An assortment of decorative wells adds instant serene to a backyard, as well as originality that excites the neighborhood. Size and style also vary, with a versatile selection to suit all needs.

Add a Splash of Color

Whether its a bright and bold yellow or a color that is a bit more subtle, a splash of paint to the shutters, the door, or even on the patio furniture can enhance the ambiance of the backyard tremendously. If a full paint job is a bit too much, it is easy to paint designs, letters, and more instead. Paint costs an average of $30 – $50 per gallon and one gallon goes a long way. No need to hire a professional; most anyone can get out a paintbrush and handle this task.

Add/Update Lighting

Backyard lighting is a great addition to any lawn. Lighting creates a great space that homeowners can enjoy day and night, maximizing their home value. It is also a safer space when lighting is available, reducing the risk of falls and perhaps even unexpected intruders. Many different lighting options for the backyard provide the freedom to choose the exact decor that meets your expectations. Solar lighting is quite popular for backyard environments, though many other options also exist.

Add Plants/Trees

Trees provide shade that everyone can enjoy when partaking in the enjoyment of their home and the beautiful outdoors. They enhance the look of the lawn and certainly make it easier to enjoy the outdoors when the heat of summer is blaring on you. Planting a tree may reduce energy consumption and certainly adds character to your space. Plants add the same value and don’t require the same wait to grow as a tree that you’ve freshly planted. Should you desire to plant a tree, consider its size/height and the placement carefully before planting. Plant the tree at least 20-ft. From the home to avoid potential foundation issues and keep an eye out for sewer lines, electrical wiring, etc.

Final Thoughts

The five ideas for backyard enhancement listed above just break the ice of the many ways that you can improve the look and the enjoyment of your space. No matter what your style, your budget, or size of your backyard, there are ample ways to create an even more lush, comforting space for the family to enjoy. Put your creativity to work and there’s dozens and dozens of additional ideas and techniques that can spruce up the backyard.

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