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5 Unique Ways to Create Brand Awareness

A brand can be a name, design or a symbol that separates one company from its rivals. For example, when you think about Apple, the first thing that will pop to your mind is, well, an apple (a perfect example of linking the brand name with the symbol). Alternatively, when you think about Mercedes, you probably think of the notable badge they mount on their vehicles.

However, these (and many other companies) didn’t establish their name overnight; they needed the brand’s awareness. Even if you have the best product in the world, you need people to buy it and to do that; people need to be aware of your product. In this article, you will (hopefully) find five unique ways that can help you create your brand awareness.

1. Speak To Your Audience

Before you start thinking about marketing strategy, you need figure out what your audience might be. Building your brand’s awareness and finding its unique position in the market depends on the audience. Once you figure out your audience, talk to them. Moreover, target it with non-aggressive messages and content.

One Forbes article suggests you come up with messages tailored specifically to your audience. When doing this focus on the problems, your product is solving; you can always find the problem. When you find the problem, cleverly explain why your product is solving this problem.

2. Focus On Experience

No matter what your product is, it requires a person to experience it. Another Forbes article suggests you focus on sensory experiences, such as touch or smell. The article also suggests you create a “wow effect,” something that will amaze or shock your audience.

Think of these things if you are designing posters, flyers, billboards, online ads or tv commercials. Marketing is a crucial factor when it comes to experience presentation, and you need to make sure that it delivers, that it sticks out. That way people will at least notice it, share it and talk about it. After all, that is the whole purpose of raising the brand awareness.

3. Create Educational Content

According to one HuffPost article, creating educational content is one of the easiest ways. Despite being an effective method, not many companies focus on educating their customers (though they are catching up). If you want to raise your brand awareness, this will surely give you the advantage over your rivals.

When creating an educational content do not just talk about things people are already somewhat aware of because that beats the whole purpose of education. Instead, focus on the unknown content and relate it to your product. Moreover, educate them not only about the problems your product is solving and the experience it is offering, but tell the audience how they can use your product more efficiently, and how they can get the most value out of it.

4. Create Unique And Catchy Brand Identity

First and foremost, catchy here doesn’t necessarily imply that you come up with a catchy jingle for your product, but that you create something that will stick and stay for a long time (like previously mentioned Mercedes). Again, this can be anything from a logo to a slogan (like Nike’s “Just do it”).

Try to include artists, designers, musicians. You can find thousands of independent contractors that will do an excellent job for a small fee. Always remember that you live in the age of memes, sharing, tweeting and posting, and if your brand is unique, funny or shocking, it has the potential to go viral. However, always have one foot on the ground because if you go too far, it might hurt your endeavors to raise brand awareness.

5. Guest Posting

While guest posting is restrictive regarding its applicability (can’t guest post offline), it is one of the best strategies to raise brand awareness. Though guest posting is not a unique way of building and increasing brand awareness, the content you create can and should be exclusive.

Why is guest posting not working for most brands? Unfortunately, most guest posting is just an accumulation of poorly written content. If you plan on using this method, then make sure you produce quality, engaging, creative and unique content, which is very hard. Then again, companies that use this method efficiently know how much it helped them raise brand awareness.

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