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5 Quick Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Moving into a new place can be a very large, tedious, arduous task. On top of it, there is the challenge of turning it into a place where you can feel the most comfortable. Here are some things that you can do to turn your new dwelling into a comfortable home. 

Items of Importance

A great way to make your new place feel like home is to place objects in sight that are important to you. For example, many people who openly identify with particular faiths have religious pictures and paraphernalia on their walls. However, this extends out to non-religious items. You can put up pictures of your friends, loved ones, pets and acquaintances. Perhaps there are specific items that you hold dear—like that tea cup from grandma or that seashell from that time that you went to the beach with your friends. These types of items can be placed around your new house to give it a lovely feel. 

Stock Up On What You Need

Having what you need makes a new feel like home. This is because of the fact that having much-needed items makes your home into a place where you can maximize your comfort. For example, if you have the proper ingredients, you can comfort yourself by making great meals. Having towels, paper towels, toiletries and cleaning supplies allows you to take care of yourself and your home. Knowing that you have what you need to take care of yourself and your home creates a feeling of comfort. 

Organize and Declutter

A cluttered, unorganized home can wreak havoc on a person’s psyche and make a new place not feel like a home. In fact, it can make a home that you’ve lived in for a long time feel uncomfortable! Take a minute to look around you. Look at every item and think about whether you really need it. If you have scraps of paper on the floor that are useless and crumpled, throw them out! Try to whittle down your belongings and live with less—especially if you have a limited amount of space. 

Put important items that you need in designated spaces and remember where those spaces are. For example, if you have important documentation, it is a good idea to place it in a neatly organized drawer so that you will always be able to find it. Instead of having your clothes everywhere in piles, you can organize them by classifications such as color and type. For example, instead of having a pile of clothes with socks thrown in, put your socks in their own drawer so that you can find them and distinguish between which are clean and which are dirty.

Clean Up

It is very important to keep your new living quarters clean and free of squalor. There’s nothing that makes a living space more repulsive and less home-like than dirt and squalor. If you have rotten food that is making an entire room smelly, you should clean it up. A bad smell can ruin the atmosphere of your home. A mountain of garbage can be very unsightly and make living quarters less appealing. 


Decorations can really spruce up a new home and make it more comfortable. The sky is the limit when it comes to the types of decorations that you can adore your home with! For example, there is an infinite supply of decorations that you can buy in stores. You can buy things such as ceramics, posters, figurines and pictures. Lights can really spruce up a room to the max. If you want, you can choose a theme to decorate your home along the lines of. For example, if you are into cats, you can decorate your home with cat-themed decorations. 

If you want to make your new place feel more like home, you can decorate it, declutter it, have items of importance, stock it with the things that you need and clean up. Doing these things will turn your new place into a cozy home.

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