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5 Key Reasons You Need A Generator

Electric generators are precious tools in an emergency. Modern humans rely on power to keep food from spoiling, to communicate with each other, and to remain comfortable during most of the day. Losing power for a short period is an unpleasant inconvenience, but losing it for a long time can be a dangerous disaster. Unfortunately, the grid tends to have problems during natural disasters and other times when people need power the most. Generators provide some added insurance against those situations by providing a source of power that can remain secure in an emergency and keep a home running until the grid comes back online.

Stay Healthy

Losing power can be a medical issue. People who need to keep their medicines at a specific temperature have the biggest problems, but anyone can suffer. Losing power makes it hard to heat or cool buildings, which can lead to dangerous temperatures. The loss of electric lighting makes it easier to slip and fall. If the outage persists for a long time, it can even cause dietary problems because most people need power from the grid in order to cook. Most of these issues are not catastrophic for people who are already healthy, but these little problems can add up fast, and they can even be lethal for people who already suffer from medical issues.

Maintain Communications

Communication is the key to surviving a disaster. Something as simple as a weather report can be vital for figuring out how to prepare for the future, and getting an evacuation notice on time can be the difference between life and death in truly extreme storms. Most disaster relief agencies encourage people to keep a radio around in case other communication tools fail, but even a radio needs power. Some of them do have cranks for manually generating power, but nobody wants to need to keep working all the time just in case they need to hear an important message. It is massively easier to hook the radio up to a generator so that it can provide that vital news without all of the extra work.

Prevent Food Spoilage

Modern refrigeration technology makes it easy to keep food safe for long periods of time. That can make it easy for people to forget just how quickly most foods spoil when they are at room temperature. Most animal products and many other prepared foods will spoil within just a few hours. It is possible to make it through a disaster on survival rations that redesigned specifically to last for years without spoiling, but the average person does not have space, money, or inclination to keep a few cases of emergency rations in their home. That sort of diet is also highly monotonous, especially for people who need to live on it for several days at a time.

The alternative is to keep food cool. Ice and a cooler can help with that in the short term, but a powered refrigerator is necessary for longer disasters. That requires electricity, which means that it requires a generator.

Stay in Business

There are also situations where the power is out, but the situation is under control and people can still go about their daily business. Most modern businesses will shut down if they don’t have access to electricity to run their computers, cash registers, and even their lights. Running a generator will add to the cost of business, but it is an even bigger problem to simply shut down and wait for the power to come back on. That is why there are many areas where it is simply a good business decision to own a generator.

Have Fun

Generators are a great tool for staying safe in a disaster, but they aren’t just for times of doom and gloom. A portable generator can make a camping or fishing trip a lot more comfortable. A small one will be more than enough to keep phones and other devices charged. A slightly bigger one can make it easier to cook and stay warm without needing to build a fire. A small, portable generator can even pull double duty as a tool for emergencies and as a way to make vacations just a little more interesting.

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