4 Tips For Buying Holiday Decorations On A Budget

The holidays have come once again, and you have your whole season planned out. Between parties, meals, and activities, each moment is a memory in the making. Holiday cheer is seldom cheap, however, and by the time you have purchased your big meal’s main course, there’s not much leftover for the ambiance. Holiday ornamentation is as important as the turkey. Your decorations set apart these festive moments from the other 365 days of the year and express who you are. With that in mind, here are four cost-saving tips to help you trim the tree on a budget.

1- Seeking Exotic Goods

Not long ago the notion of importing anything was out of the question as the cost of shipping and the duty required on the item priced it well out of the reach of the average person. Fortunately for you, times have changed! Websites that put foreign goods into the hands of individuals have been posting record profits and they pass the savings on to you. You can frequently find free shipping, as well as duty-free items that cost less than products you’ll find in big box stores. Well made, exotic ornaments from different parts of the world will ensure that your holiday guests have never seen the wonders that will deck your halls.

2- Second-Hand Shopping

Have you ever been wandering down the aisles of your local department store and thought to yourself, “I’ve seen all of this before.”? All of the major stores will be carrying stock that follows whatever trends are popular this year. That’s why you should turn to yesteryear for your budget ornaments. Second-hand stores and auction websites are a treasure trove of wonderful heirloom decorations that have not been produced for years. You can also have good luck talking to your friends and family about selling you their unused stuff. Many people have reams of unused Christmas lights or ceramic statuettes nearly forgotten in their attics that you can purchase for a song. This saves you money and helps you do your part for the environment, so everybody wins!

3- A DIY Christmas

The best gifts are the ones that you make with love, and so are the best decorations. Handcrafted items are in vogue and you can take part in this self-made tradition by making any of the huge variety of crafts that are available for less than what ready-made products cost. Try throwing a before-Christmas party for your children and friends in which they all bring supplies to make ornaments that you will feature at your official get together.

4- The Natural Touch

While that set of designer picture frames and hand-carved wooden statues of Santa are exciting, they are also expensive. You will save a lot of money by keeping the regalia simple. Look to nature to provide some of your decor. Pine boughs and holly branches make attractive, fragrant wreaths that will delight your guests with a traditional touch. You can put evergreen boughs in vases and bowls to serve as a tabletop centerpiece. Bouquets of Poinsettias are typically cheap at your local supermarket. Artfully arranged piles of fresh-cut logs add a rustic charm to your home that invokes the warmth of a winter fire.

By keeping in mind these simple, fun ways to save money you will transform your home into a winter wonderland on a budget and no one will know the difference. Turn to import sites for unique goods that will wow your friends. Check out the local second-hand stores and craft shops to see what inspires you. Borrow the beauty of the natural world to instill a sense of rustic charm to your hearth.

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