3 Things You Didn’t Know About Car Accidents

A car accident can be financially, physically, and emotionally stressful. The best way to deal with a car accident is to understand what you should do ahead of time. Regardless who was at fault, car accidents can happen just about anywhere to anyone.

Here are 3 things you didn’t know about car accidents that will help you moving forward;

1. Being Considered At-Fault When Not Charged

The police use different criteria to determine who is at fault in an automobile accident. If the officer feels weather conditions or extenuating circumstances impacted the driver’s ability to maintain a safe driving lane, neither driver may be charged. The insurance company however uses different criteria to determine fault and will decide whether one or both parties deserve the responsibility for fault in the collision. Although you did not get a summons from the officer at the scene because they determined neither driver should bear the full brunt of the fault, the insurance company could utilize accident investigators to come to the conclusion you were at fault.

Even though the insurance company decided you were at fault, it doesn’t mean the police will turn around and charge you with the offense. The reasons the insurance company must determine who was at fault is because they need to decide financial responsibility and insurance compensation.

2. Having No-Fault Insurance Doesn’t Mean What You Think

Most drivers who have a no-fault insurance policy simply misunderstand who really is responsible in the event of an accident. Drivers assume that when they have no-fault insurance coverage, no one is responsible for the accident. Don’t assume that because you caused an accident that your no-fault insurance is going to give you a get out of jail free card. What no-fault insurance really means is that regardless who caused the automobile accident that you were involved in, that you will only have to deal directly with your own insurance provider when it comes time to filing a claim. There is no need to try and chase down the other driver to get their insurance information if you were involved in a hit-and-run.

In order to seek financial compensation for the accident, you are going to be dealing directly with your own insurance company if you are seeking financial compensation. The benefits to having no-fault insurance coverage is that if you were involved in any automobile accident, you can settle your claims easier, faster, and get the financial compensation with less hurdles compared to dealing with another driver’s insurance company.

3. Where is the Most Common Location for Car Accidents?

While it is true that a car accident can happen just about anywhere, most people do not have any idea where the most common location for car accidents is. The most accidents occur every day in parking lots. The parking lot is a location that has a huge number of automobiles confined to a very small space, and many are moving around simultaneously. Add into the mix that many of the drivers are trying to make challenging maneuvers like entering traffic lanes, backing up, and making tight turns. It can problematic for an officer to determine who is at fault because each case is different, and the officer has to go by different sets of rules. If the driver who has their car in motion hits a vehicle that is parked, then in most cases the driver is at fault. If you are operating a vehicle, you must be in control at all times to avoid even stationary objects, regardless if the stationary vehicle is parked illegally or inconveniently.

A driver can also get a ticket in a parking lot if they disregard stop signs, speed bumps, or speed. When pulling out of a parking space and entering a lane of traffic, it is your responsibility to yield to all other cars traveling in that lane of traffic.

These 3 things you didn’t know about car accidents should help put you in a better position to understand the complexities of these incidents. If you are ever involved in an auto accident, the first call should be to the police, the second to a local personal injury attorney.

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