3 Things to Know About Trading Timeshares

Timeshares can be far more valuable and beneficial than most people recognize. Many timeshare owners are missing out on extended travel benefits each and every year. Sadly, this is because a number of these individuals don’t know how to trade their timeshares properly, or how to make the most of these transactions. Following are three things that you should know about initiating and completing these deals with any timeshare exchange company.

1. Deposit Your Weeks Early

Once you’ve purchased your timeshare, you’ll likely find that your allotted time frame isn’t always as ideal as you’d imagined it would be. Some years, you may even discover that you’re not up to visiting the same location again and again. If you do, you have the option of renting the space out during your scheduled week or weeks. You can also make arrangements to exchange the unit for a chance to stay in a comparable resort at another time and potentially, in another location. The trick to making a successful timeshare trade is to deposit your weeks early on. This will give you a significant advantage by giving you the greatest amount of time to find the ideal vacation spot for your group.

Exchange companies have multiple members that deposit their weeks to trade, thereby giving everyone a number of options to trade with. The earlier your deposit is made; the more people that will be able to review and consider it. It’s also important to consider the terms and conditions of using a timeshare exchange company. Keep in mind that these things can and often do vary quite a bit from one exchange company to the next. More often than not, however, late deposits entail penalties, and they could mean having your request to trade timeshares refused. Another important thing to note is that these systems always operate on a first-come, first served basis, which can make all of the difference during times of high demand.

2. Book Right Away

Not only do you want to deposit your timeshare as soon as you know you won’t be using it, but you also want to make reservations in a timely fashion as well. Book your home week right away. This will give you the chance to make an early deposit of either your points or your week. In fact, this will allow you to deposit the value of your home week, irrespective of whether depositing is your first step, or reserving your actual vacation. By submitting your search right away, you’ll increase your likelihood of being able to book a desirable unit at your first-choice location, and at a convenient time.

3. Remaining Flexible Is Important

Trading timeshares is a lot different than buying one. When you shop for timeshare, the only real limitation that you’ll face is your budget. This is hardly the case with trading. All exchange companies have a far more limited range of available weeks and resort options. More often than not, it will not be possible to find the specific location and time that you want to reserve, especially if you’ve gotten a late start. This makes it vital to remain flexible throughout the entirety of your search. Your willingness to submit a number of different locations and dates will invariably allow for an increased number of options. Moreover, you may be able to remain flexible in one area, even if your goals are firmly set in the other. For instance, if your vacation dates must remain fixed, be open to trying more locations.

Timeshares should never limit you to one specific location, or a set time of travel. With timeshare exchange companies, you can open the door to unlimited travel possibilities. The key to getting optimal value from your investment lies in remaining flexible, and submitting your deposit and trade request as early as you possibly can.

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