3 Smart Tips for Making Your Swimsuits Last More than a Year

While swimsuit trends may have involved less and less fabric over the years, the cost hasn’t involved such decreases. Of course, finding just the right swimsuit can often involve an exhaustive search of trial and error. Given these two factors alone, many want to know if there are any steps that they can take to extend the life of their beloved and costly swimsuit. The answer is yes. While the quality of the suit is a factor in its longevity, how you care for your swimwear as and after using it will play a significant role in its lifespan. Let’s take a look at three smart tips for making your swimsuit last longer than a year.

1- Neutralize Damage From Chemicals

Chlorine is a pool and hot tub chemical used to prevent bacteria from developing in the water. However, the chemical is very harsh on swimsuits, deteriorating the fabric, causing discoloration and fading, and lessening the elasticity and hold of seams. Even salt water pools depend on chlorine as a disinfectant, and it should be noted that salt itself is a corrosive agent for swimsuits. Even if you don’t take a dip in water, you’ve likely sprayed yourself with sunscreen, and the oils in sunscreen can also be very damaging to the elastics and fine fabrics of swimsuits. The fix?

  • Rinse off with fresh running water before removing your suit and/or hand rinse your suit with fresh water.
  • Wash swimsuits at home in cold water, on gentle cycle or by hand, and with a mild detergent as soon as possible.
  • According to Health Magazine, discoloration, smells, and chlorine can be neutralized by adding a couple tablespoons of vinegar when washing swimsuits.
  • Don’t swim in pools that burn your eyes or smell overly chlorinated.

2- Know How To Sit In Your Suit

RealSimple keeps it simple, advising just not to sit on any rough surfaces while in your swimsuit. Whether it’s concrete in and around a pool or jacuzzi, wooden decking and chairs, or even a mound of sand at the beach, swim environments provide a lot of hazards that can cause friction, tears, and snags to your swimwear if you don’t take precautions. The fix?

  • Wear a swimsuit cover or sit on a towel when lounging on chairs or sand.
  • Be aware of pool walls and flooring that can snag your swimsuit as you swim, sit, or jump into it.
  • Sit on a towel or wear a coverup in the jacuzzi.
  • Use a rubber mat for water slides.

Wear appropriate wetsuits or covers during water sports and recreational activities like surfing and skiing.

3- Know How To Take Your Swimsuit Off

Most people take their swimsuits off and immediately begin to twist it to ring out the water before hanging it up to air dry on a hanger. This is a mistake. Drying a swimsuit like this stretches the fabric and seams, causes the shape to deform, and allows all the harmful chemicals to sit and damage the suit. The fix?

  • If possible, rinse with fresh water and then immediately wash the suit as described above.
  • When fresh water and washing isn’t immediately available, take the suit off and lay it flat in a towel; roll the suit up in the towel up to absorb as much water as possible before laying the suit out on a flat surface to finish drying.
  • Wash delicate inserts and removable straps by hand to prevent misshapen mishaps.
  • Never put your swimsuit in the dryer.
  • Never soak or allow it to stay dripping wet overnight.
  • Never leave your suit outside for the sun to dry.

Keep these three swimwear tips in mind and your swimsuit will have many sunny days in its future.

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