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3 Simple Exercises To Do While Traveling

Traveling has many purposes. Some people travel for pleasure and some do it for business. No matter the reason, the experiences are strikingly similar: waiting for delayed flights, sleeping in a hotel room every night, eating out at the local and tourist eateries, etc. When traveling, it gets really easy to forget how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thankfully, even if that hotel room doesn’t come with a gym or pool, there are still several exercises you can do while traveling.

Importance of Good Health

The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something that has been pushed as a subject for many years, but has simultaneously become a hip and fashionable trend. It the bandwagon that one should want to get on. According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, physical activity in even the slightest amount is really great for your health. In fact, “research shows that a total amount of 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity… consistently reduces the risk of many chronic diseases and other adverse health outcomes.” The diseases and adverse health outcomes people should want to avoid can range anywhere from heart problems to poor mental health to even premature death.

Exercising While Traveling

If the hotel you’re staying in has a pool or a gym, you’ve got an advantage. Having the equipment to encourage physical activity is beneficial to the mentality of working out while away from home. When the hotel has the gym and/or pool just down the hall, it makes the getting out of bed and starting the sweat process just a tad easier.

However, as Annette Lang, a certified personal trainer, stated for a New York Times article, “You can actually maintain and even improve your fitness level when you’re on the road and you don’t have to bother with a gym to do it.” She is correct in this line of thinking. If you don’t have a gym or pool made available to you, you can make a way to continue exercising. There are several exercises you can do without losing even a hint of that destination sensation.

Exercise One

Whether or not you have traveled to a destination that is famous or popular, you can get your heart pumping with a simple walk. Locate some tourist sights or find some places you’re interested in and mark them on a map. When it comes time for your daily exercises, follow the map and make your way to each location. You can also pre-plan your route in advance if you’re the type who doesn’t mind breaking a little more of a sweat and taking the walk into a jog or run. This exercise can be done in any location in the world, making it an easy and preferred choice for travelers everywhere.

Exercise Two

If the hotel doesn’t have a gym, you can always bring your own! While it may not be the lightest way to travel, packing a few dumbbells or a doorway pull up bar can make the effort of finding a space to work out less stressful. Dumbbells and doorway pull up bars will allow the heart to pump blood to the muscles that are being used during the exercise. This is a great setup for an easy workout experience due to its assembly time. According to a how-to guide for keeping fitness on the road and an article on building the right workout space at home, both by CNN, the exercise equipment is worth the money for the luxuries it provides. Even the pull up bar can provide a challenge, such as doing a pull up each time you pass through the doorway.

Exercise Three

One last type of exercise that you can do is yoga. The nice thing about yoga is that you only need floorspace and possibly a yoga mat for the more serious type. Yoga will help develop your core and certain muscle groups while helping your lungs with breathing exercises. You can add an extra level to this exercise by going to a scenic location and laying down the yoga mat. Not only is it a great view for you, but it will make for a few awesome pictures!

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