3 Reasons to Choose Private Over Public School

Deciding schooling for your children is one of the hardest decisions you will make for your child. That’s because deciding where your children learn sets the foundation for the rest of their future. It has an impact on their current well-being, the type of goals they will set for themselves, and what they will eventually accomplish. One of the biggest dilemmas that parents struggle with is whether or not they should send their child to a private school or a public school. While ultimately up to an individual family, there are many benefits of private education over public education which leads many to make that choice.

1. Smaller Class Sizes in Private Schools

For one, a private education has smaller class sizes. This means that teachers can give one-on-one attention and crafted lesson plans. In private schools, teachers have the ability to get to know their students better because their attention isn’t stretched so thin among multiple students. When a teacher gets to know a student, they can assign certain papers and projects that help that student grow to the best of their ability. Smaller classrooms are generally more peaceful and productive, as well. In private schools, students also get to know their classmates better. Having friends and a sense of security in a classroom makes learning more fun, rewarding, and relaxing. According to CNN, public schools in 48 states reported teacher shortages. This further shows that schools will have to counteract this by increasing student size in a classroom.

2. Wide Variety of Curriculum in Private Schooling

Another benefit of private education is that schools can focus on a variety of different classes. Private schools are allowed to be diverse when it comes to their curriculum because they are not under the state’s supervision. Public schools are more strict when it comes to what they can and cannot teach. They more commonly stick to teaching the core classes. When it comes to private schools, students can take a variety of classes such as religion, arts, music, theater, and more. There’s more freedom when it comes to classes. Students at a private school get a broader scope of education than they would in a public school. This helps prepare them for the real world and the future better because they are getting a taste for different things that they might want to pursue further in the future.

3. Family-Oriented Schools with Higher Academic Standards

Private schools tend to be more family-oriented than public schools and a lot of that has to do with the smaller and more intimate classrooms. Teachers not only get to know their students but also their parents as well. This helps them truly craft a curriculum that is going to best benefit the child as they grow and learn more along their educational journey. Private schools also host many events such as open houses, picnics, ice cream socials, fish fry’s, and more. Teachers and parents at private schools have the same end goal in mind, get the child the best education possible.

If you want your child to be challenged, send them to a private school. Private schools generally hold students to a higher academic standard. They have a more rigorous curriculum and they generally expect more out of their students. The U.S. Department of Education confirmed that private high schools have more demanding graduation requirements than public high schools. This means that by choosing a private education, your student has a better chance of getting into their top choices of college. The findings also stated that students at private schools generally perform better on standardized tests. The smaller and more personalized lesson plans play a big roll in that fact.

Conclusion: Your Decision Impacts Your Child’s Future

Overall, it’s a families decision on where they want to send their child. A family needs to look at their overall wants, needs, and beliefs when making the decision. Private education is pricier but ultimately it’s worth it if you’re trying to accomplish certain things for your child’s future. A private education ensures that your student is getting teachers who care, education that furthers their personal growth, smaller class sizes, up-to-date equipment, a wider variety of classes, and more. A private education is a great way to set your child on a positive education path for the rest of their life.

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