3 Easy Ways to Use Antique Furniture Throughout Your House

Many people are drawn to antique furnishings and decorative accent pieces. In fact, you may have invested in a few pieces of your own, or you may have family heirlooms that have been passed down over the years. Heirlooms are pieces that you generally do not want to get rid of, and you likely even want to display them prominently in some way. However, you may not want your entire decorative scheme to be a throwback to decades long gone. If you are looking for an excellent way to incorporate antique furnishings in various areas of your home without sacrificing the look of your existing and more modern decor, consider these excellent ideas.

Use Decorative Accents to Blend Your Elements

In your home is like many others, you may have a few antique pieces in some corners of your space. However, you may also have more modern furnishings that make a statement about your current sense of style. Blending these two usually different styles can seem virtually impossible, but it may be easier to do than you might thing. You can easily add decorative accents to blend or weave your furnishings together. For example, you can place shabby chic decorative accent pieces on your antique and modern furnishings pieces alike. Likewise, you can add antique accents on top of modern furnishings to further blend the elements beautifully. Be sure to use a unifying color scheme throughout the room as well. You may be surprised how the use of decorative accents and the smart use of colors can bring your room together.

Refinish Your Antiques

Another great idea to consider is to refinish your antiques. Many antiques have a lovely style, but the finish is worn off or peeling. In some cases, this can add charm to the pieces. However, in many cases, this simply makes the pieces look tired and as though they are in poor condition. When you refinish your antique pieces, you can enjoy the charm of their antiquated style without having a worn out look to contend with. In addition, while refinishing these older pieces, you can choose what color of stain or paint to use. Your use of these paint or stain colors can help you to tie the room together more cohesively. If you are not comfortable refinishing your pieces on your own, you can hire a professional to do the work for you. Your professional may be able to color match the stain or paint color used so that the pieces blend together more impressively.

Cluster Your Items Together

Another great idea is to cluster your older accent items together on top of a piece of antique furniture. For example, you can place a lovely antique hutch in your kitchen, and you may cluster decorative antique items on top of this hutch or even on the wall behind it. This could include old candlesticks, picture frames and other items. While this can create a bold and significant antique presence in the space, you need to find a way to tie the clustered items together with the rest of the room. You may be able to accomplish this more substantially when you use these other two tips in different ways as well.

Whether you have one antique piece that you want to incorporate into your decorative scheme or you have multiple smaller and larger pieces, you have several design options to consider. You may not want your entire room to be filled with antiques, and you may wish to blend old and new with charming results. While this can be challenging to do, you can see that there are realistic and rather easy steps that you can take to pull off the look that you desire. It may be helpful to review some design ideas online or in magazines before you attempt to accomplish this goal. Remember to blend two or all three of these decorating ideas together for more expansive and cohesive results. These are ideas that can be used in any room of the home flawlessly to tie antiques with more current pieces.

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