3 Differences Between Hand-Rolled and Machine Made Cigars

The history of cigars goes back hundreds of years, going through a number of evolutions over that period of time. Cigars are enjoyed worldwide today for reasons ranging from celebrations to relaxing on the weekend and nights out with a few drinks. One thing that is certain is the fact that cigars still enjoy a large fan base today. Something that anyone in the know will acknowledge about the different types of cigars that are available today is that not all cigars are created equally. The biggest general divide exists between traditional hand-rolled cigars and today’s mass-produced, machine rolled variety. Hand rolled cigars are simply the real item and are truly works of craftsmanship and art. There is a long list of reasons that can be stated as contributing factors to why hand rolled cigars are so greatly superior to their machine rolled counterparts, but of these, there are three primary reasons that the experience of a hand-rolled cigar is so much more enjoyable than that of a machine rolled version. These two articles here are also great resources for information regarding the topic hand-rolled versus machine rolled.

1. Handmade cigars have a very smooth taste because they have natural wrappers as where machine-made cigars are often not wrapped in all natural wrappers – Put simply, a hand-rolled cigar is a real article when it comes to smoothness of taste. This is because quality hand-rolled cigars are rolled in wrappers that are one hundred per cent natural tobacco leaf. By contrast, machine rolled cigars are often made of a wrapper that is composed of tobacco leaf and other filler. In practice, this is mostly due to the fact that this sort of wrapper works better when put through a machine. The downside is the fact that you simply don’t get the same smoothness of taste or quality of burn from a cigar that was machine rolled and lacking an all-natural wrapper.

2. Hand-rolled cigars consistently have higher quality tobacco inside them – Mass produced, machine rolled cigars are typically filled with a lower standard of tobacco than what is used in legitimate, hand-rolled cigars. There is a reason that these mass-produced, machine rolled cigars cost much less than the hand-rolled variety. The components that go into hand-rolled cigars is simply of a higher quality and produces a much smoother, more enjoyable smoke.

3. The cut of the filling in hand-rolled cigars makes all the difference – The simple reality is that not only is the tobacco in machine rolled cigars consistently of a lower quality altogether, it is also cut in a different way. Machine rolled cigars typically have a filling that is chopped up and often times contains bits of the tobacco plant that high-quality cigars would leave out such as the stems. Hand rolled cigars of high quality are generally composed of whole tobacco leaves that are then twisted up in the wrapper of the cigar. This produces a much smoother taste and causes the cigar to burn much better. Hand rolled cigars are known for their large cherry end that develops as you smoke the cigar. It is not possible to get this effect off of a low-quality machine rolled cigar.

When you consider these simple factors, it is pretty easy to see at a very basic level, why hand-rolled cigars are by their very nature, superior in quality to machine rolled cigars. The truth is that the reasons are even more extensive than what is listed here, but most of the other nuanced reasons for the superiority of hand-rolled cigars stem from the three major reasons discussed here.

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