3 Best Ways to Support your Children

It is in every parent’s interest to want their children to have a better life than they did. We all try our best to prepare our children to achieve the best. As a parent, you are the first teacher to your children, and you should, therefore, set the best example that they can emulate. Help your kids when they are stuck, offer moral support, motivate them when they are down. You are the parent and the teacher at the same time, and you have to excel at both tasks. There is, therefore, a myriad of ways that you can support your kids, prepare them for life and give them a better start than we did. However, in this article, we will only focus on three best ways we can do that.

Teach them to fail

One of the greatest support you can give your children is training them how to fail in order to succeed. You need to let your children understand that failure is not a negative thing that hinders their success but rather it is a positive opportunity through which they can learn and grow. You need to show them how to rise above failure, dust themselves and try again. Unfortunately, most parents fail this test because their protective instincts kick in when their children fail. The truth is your kids will not remain kids forever; they will grow up and face the cruel reality of life alone. Life is not all about winning and success, failure is part of the process, and they need to understand that. The lesson you offer should be about how to handle failure. The response you give when your child fails will affect the way they understand their limitations. For instance, when your kid comes home with a D in mathematics, do you tell them “it’s okay you are a good writer?” or do you tell them to redo the math problems countless times until they get it right.

How to forge meaningful relationships

Still, at a tender age, your children need to understand how to make lasting and meaningful relationships. It begins with showing them how to communicate effectively, how to apologize when they are in the wrong and how to stand up for themselves. There is a big chance that the children they interact with, their classmates, their playmates will become their lifelong friends and business partners. Help them understand that they cannot take on life challenges alone, that they need to value friendships more than money or any other material things. Teach them how to belong in a team, how to collectively solve a problem. Show them practically the synergy created from teamwork. You can achieve this by encouraging them to join soccer teams, enrolling them to community projects, carrying them to volunteering projects among others. When they grow up they will still value these things, they will create lasting relationships, and they will succeed in life.

Academic accomplishments

Life is very competitive not just for us adults but even for the kids. It is often said that the only invaluable thing your child can inherit from you is education. So take your child to the best school you can afford, help with their homework, and attend their soccer games and other school-based activities. Let them know that you are there for them. Meet their teachers, take them to the library, and get to know their school friends and their friend’s parents. It creates the impression that you are actively involved in their school life. Encourage them to set high goals and teach them how to achieve them. This will not only help them in their academics but will also help them later in life. However, if your child shows little interest in school curriculum activities, do not demoralize them, find out what else they can do better and support them there. They might not be the best academicians, but they can be the best football players in history.


When it comes to supporting your kids, there is no limit to what you can do. However, these three tips should help your kids prepare not just young and teenage life but also for adulthood. You will not always be there to guide them so equip them with life skills.

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